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Kat Richardson
Narrated by Mia Barron, unabridged
Recorded Books, 12.25 hours

Kat Richardson
Kat Richardson was born in California, growing up in a small college town near LA. She earned a BA in Magazine Editing from Cal. State Long Beach. She worked in the magazine business in LA for a while, then moved on to curriculum writing and editing for the Gemological Institute of America. Later, she moved to Seattle and added Technical Editing to her skills. She currently lives on a sailboat in Seattle with her husband.

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A review by Jennifer McCann

After dying from a brutal beating and then "miraculously" returning to life, Harper Blaine starts seeing things. The likeable Seattle P.I. discovers that she is a Greywalker, a person who can see and crossover into the next realm, known as the "Grey." The Grey is a layer of reality that coincides with ours and is inhabited by the dead, undead and some pretty scary creepy crawlies. With the help of Ben and Mara Dansinger, specialist in the occult and a witch respectively, Harper tries to gain control of the nausea inducing, exhausting slips into the Grey. It's all quite an ordeal, especially while working on a missing person case and trying to locate an antique parlor organ for a mysterious client.

Harper is hired by the mother of Cameron, a financially lush young man who has gone missing from his unusual party spots around Pioneer Square. Interviewing everyone from the bartender at Cameron's bar of choice to Cameron's ousted Goth wannabe sister, Harper finds herself drawn into a world of semi S & M "pets" and the Undead who keep them.

And then there's the spooky Serge, a man who is capable of entering Harper's office undetected by modern technology. For some unknown reason, he wants her to track down a parlor organ. While working on this assignment she meets Will, an auctioneer who lends a hand in the search and also adds a romantic touch to the story.

Narrator Mia Barron takes on the Herculean task of giving voice to a large cast of characters with few distractions. Her portrayal of Cameron is the main complaint, as this character's whiney, little boy sound has a tendency to grate. Barron does excel in bringing vivid personalities to the people that walk Richardson's world. Her vocal style ranges from Goth girl disinterest to the New Jersey, gum-chewing sound that Melanie Griffith made famous in the movie, Working Girl, to the musical lilt of an Irish brogue.

This mystery with a supernatural twist does get bogged down in a few places, but overall is great fun. The listener, as well as Harper, is often lost for a brief time in the explanations of the paranormal phenomenon and the bizarre and seemingly unrelated sightings from the Grey. Fortunately, the author does a terrific job of ironing out the two story lines and sews them up nicely.

Copyright © 2009 Jennifer McCann

A belly dancing, dyslexic wife and mother who in her spare time works as a library clerk. A full and rich life is lead through the books she listens to and/or reads. Dyslexics Untie!

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