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After Dark #1
written by Peter Milligan, created by Antoine Fuqua & Wesley Snipes
Radical Publishing, 68 pages

After Dark #1
Peter Milligan, Antoine Fuqua & Wesley Snipes
From director Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn's Finest, Training Day), actor Wesley Snipes (Blade) and writer Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Skreemer), comes a new science fiction miniseries. An amoral drifter guides a gang of damaged souls into the dark places of the ruined planet, and the even darker places of their own pasts. They journey this post-apocalyptic terrain in search of a woman who may be the key to saving the world. The real question still looms if the people who still inhabit this world are even worth saving.

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A review by Sandra Scholes

This is one of three comic books in the series, After Dark and is designed to be read by mature readers only. Brood, a lieutenant of the local police force in Solar City, is a post-apocalyptic place of perpetual darkness. Brood uses drugs to suppress parts of his brain that control fear and loathing to be at his best to do his job, yet through them he gains memories of a better past spent with those he loved, when the light once lit the city showing its once glorious sights. His bursts of memory and pleasure are short, and once he is taken from it, he puts his new skills to good use in order to keep the city streets safe and secure.

He is not alone on the streets though, Omar, a nomad, gets brought in by the authorities and tossed in a cell for the night where he experiences all the terrors associated with the darkness until Lt. Brood comes and offers him another possibility where he might best serve the law to bring about a better, more peaceful Solar City for all. He has heard of a woman called Angel, she is radiant as well as beautiful, and if found could be the answer to all their problems. Rioting, murder, drug running and other criminal activities seem to rule the streets and it could all be stopped if they can believe in her. Finding her though, that is the real problem.

As an adult comic After Dark #1 has the essential characters, not too many to set the scene; a city once great turns into a hell which is personal for those, like Brood -- Solar City is on a trip to self-destruction, and it seems like the place will never get back to the way it was before. Angel is a way for it to happen, something for the people to believe in that can suppress the violence around them. After Dark is a story with a lot of heart, and from the beginning as a comic book series keeps the reader's interest long enough to find out what is going on.

The concept for it is by director Antoine Fuqua and renowned actor and film producer Wesley Snipes who has starred in such movies as Judge Dredd, The Blade Trilogy, and Undisputed has used all he knows about the movie world and put it into this as you can instantly tell his influences of the darker side of city life, the bleakness and the eventual hope that has to be chased.

Copyright © 2011 Sandra Scholes

With the weather across the globe getting increasingly worse Sandra Scholes wonders whether it is going to be the end of the world in 2012, or the Mayans made a mistake. Other than that she is going to continue writing for Quailbell Magazine, LoveRomancePassion and Love Vampires.

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