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Sister of the Dead
Barb & J.C. Hendee
Roc, 405 pages

Sister of the Dead
Barb & J.C. Hendee
Barb & J.C. Hendee live just outside of Boulder, Colorado, close to the Rocky Mountains. Both are online college instructors in English; J.C. teaches for Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Barb teaches for the University of Colorado at Denver. Barb's short fiction has appeared in numerous genre magazines and anthologies. She is the author of the novel Blood Memories. J.C.'s poetry, non-fiction, and short fiction have also appeared in many genre magazines. Although they have worked together as a writing team before, Dhampir and its four sequels are their first novel-length collaborations.

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A review by Alisa McCune

Sister of the Dead is Barb & J.C. Hendee's third book in the Noble Dead series. Once again, we join Magiere and Leesil on their journey for the truth -- no matter where it takes them. Wynn, an apprentice sage, and Chap, a Fay spirit in dog form, round out this intrepid traveling group.

Magiere is a dhampir, half-human and half-vampire. She is a hybrid created for unknown reasons. In Dhampir, Magiere was introduced to Welstiel Massing, a Noble Dead (vampire) who told her she was created to kill other Noble Dead. In Thief of Lives, Welstiel is unmasked and Magiere learns his true intentions -- to force her to find an artifact that will allow Welstiel to become human again. Needless to say, Magiere is not one to appreciate being manipulated and has vowed to never help Welstiel in his quest.

At the conclusion of Thief of Lives, Magiere and Leesil have decided two different treks are in order. Leesil, half-elf and half-human, has just found out that his elvish mother, Nein'a, is still alive. Leesil has vowed to find out her fate. He believed his parents were executed after he deserted employment as an assassin to a powerful lord.

Magiere seeks to find out why she was created. Her mother, Magelia was impregnated by a Noble Dead with Magiere the result. Magelia died shortly after Magiere's birth and she was raised by her Aunt Bieja in the small village of Chemest˙k in the country of Droevinka. Life was hard for Magiere as the other villagers never accepted her.

Leesil and Magiere decide to head to Chemest˙k first, as it is closer. This decision brings about much knowledge and even more questions. The events around Magiere's birth are even more complex then anyone had previously considered. The journey is arduous for all and much is revealed.

Sister of the Dead is a wonderful addition to the Noble Dead series. While certain mysteries are answered, even more are created. Leesil and Magiere's relationship deepens. We learn more about Chap and what his intentions are. Sister of the Dead leads us on an amazing adventure that will keep you engrossed until the final chapter.

The Noble Dead series is a mix of high-fantasy and traditional vampire fiction. This makes the series unique and interesting. The fantasy elements are interwoven with the vampire lore. Magiere is a hybrid and as such struggles with her nature. Leesil has similar struggles as he is also a hybrid. The two together present both sides of the mixed genres. This is a series that will appeal to both horror and fantasy fans.

Copyright © 2005 Alisa McCune

Alisa discovered science fiction at the tender age of eight. She devoured The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and never looked back. She lives in Chicago with her husband, cat, and 5000 books. For more information please visit her website at

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