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Way of the Wolf: Book One of the Vampire Earth
E.E. Knight
Roc, 391 pages

Art: Koveck
Way of the Wolf
E.E. Knight
E.E. Knight was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and grew up near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a double major in History and Political Science, had a number of jobs that had nothing to do with history or political science, and now resides in Chicago. Way of the Wolf is E.E. Knight's first book.

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A review by Alisa McCune

In 2022, the world as we know it comes to an end. Aliens who call themselves Kurians have taken over Earth. The Kurians are not harmless and have very sinister designs on humanity. Each Kurian controls a group of Reapers -- a vampire-like wraith who prowls the night stealing a human's lifeforce or aura. The auras are the means with which the Kurians remain immortal. The Kurians have some of humanity in league with them. Many people have agreed to help the Kurians by selling out their neighbors. Most of humanity is now a farm animal for the Kurians.

David Valentine has had to grow up very fast. His entire family died a senseless death. It wasn't Reapers -- but humans. Valentine was forever changed that day. When Southern Command, the remnants of the military protecting everyone from the Kurians, comes calling for volunteers, Valentine is intrigued. His father was a Wolf, an elite military unit that engages in guerrilla warfare. By becoming a Wolf, Valentine is driven to find a way to defeat the Kurians and salvage what is left of humanity.

Way of the Wolf is the first of the Vampire Earth series. As such, much of the book is spent creating the post-apocalyptic Earth and setting up Valentine as our hero. Valentine is very well fleshed out and likeable character. He endears himself to the reader. The story line of Way of the Wolf is slow to start, but once the action begins, it does not let up. The action is gripping and enthralling. The dichotomy of an 'elite' group with immunity from the Kurians and all the other 'sheep' presents many opportunities for the story line to take unseen twists. Who is more devious and deadly? The Reapers or your neighbors?

Copyright © 2004 Alisa McCune

Alisa discovered science fiction at the tender age of eight. She devoured The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and never looked back. She lives in Chicago with her husband, cat, and 5000 books. For more information please visit her website at

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