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Universal's Cult Cinema DVD Collection

Universal has developed the Cult Cinema DVD Collection. It includes Legend, 12 Monkeys, Blood Simple, Dune, It Came From Outer Space, Silent Running, and The Thing. Each cover links to Cult Cinema DVD Collection at Drop by for a visit. But if you want to win, read the content here and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Cult Cinema DVD Collection

Ridley Scott -- Director
William Hjortsberg -- Writer
Tom Cruise -- Jack
Mia Sara -- Princess Lily
Tim Curry -- The Lord of Darkness
David Bennent -- Gump
Alice Playten -- Blix
Billy Barty -- Screwball
Cork Hubbert -- Brown Tom
Peter O'Farrell -- Pox
Kiran Shah -- Blunder
Annabelle Lanyon -- Oona
Robert Picardo -- Meg Mucklebones
Tina Martin -- Nell
Ian Longmur -- Demon Cook
Mike Crane -- Demon Cook
Liz Gilbert -- Dancing Black Dress

12 Monkeys
12 Monkeys
Terry Gilliam -- Director
David Webb Peoples (screenplay), Chris Marker (film: La Jetee) -- Writer
Bruce Willis -- James Cole
Madeleine Stowe -- Dr. Kathryn Railly
Brad Pitt -- Jeffrey Goines
Jon Seda -- Jose
Joseph Melito -- Young Cole
David Morse -- Dr. Peters
Michael Chance -- Scarface
Vernon Campbell -- Tiny
H. Michael Walls -- Botanist
Bob Adrian -- Geologist
Simon Jones -- Zoologist
Carol Florence -- Astrophysicist
Bill Raymond -- Microbiologist
Ernest Abuba -- Engineer
Irma St. Paule -- Poet

Blood Simple
Blood Simple
Joel Coen -- Director
Ethan and Joel Coen -- Writer
John Getz -- Ray
Frances McDormand -- Abby
Dan Hedaya -- Julian Marty
M. Emmet Walsh -- Private Detective Loren Visser
Samm-Art Williams -- Meurice
Deborah Neumann -- Debra
Raquel Gavia -- Landlady
Van Brooks -- Man from Lubbock
Seor Marco -- Mr. Garcia
William Creamer -- Old Cracker
Loren Bivens -- Strip Bar Exhorter
Bob McAdams -- Strip Bar Senator
Shannon Sedwick -- Stripper
Nancy Finger -- Girl on Overlook
William Preston Robertson -- Radio Evangelist

David Lynch -- Director
David Lynch, Frank Herbert (novel) -- Writer
Francesca Annis -- Lady Jessica
Leonardo Cimino -- The Baron's Doctor
Brad Dourif -- Piter De Vries
José Ferrer -- Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
Linda Hunt -- Shadout Mapes
Freddie Jones -- Thufir Hawat
Richard Jordan -- Duncan Idaho
Kyle MacLachlan -- Paul Atreides
Virginia Madsen -- Princess Irulan
Silvana Mangano -- Reverend Mother Ramallo
Everett McGill -- Stilgar
Kenneth McMillan -- Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
Jack Nance -- Nefud
Sin Phillips -- Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
Jrgen Prochnow -- Duke Leto Atreides

It Came From Outer Space
It Came From Outer Space
Jack Arnold -- Director
Harry Essex, Ray Bradbury (story) -- Writer
Richard Carlson -- John Putnam
Barbara Rush -- Ellen Fields
Charles Drake -- Sheriff Matt Warren
Joe Sawyer -- Frank Daylon
Russell Johnson -- George
Kathleen Hughes -- Jane

Silent Running
Silent Running
Douglas Trumbull -- Director
Steven Bochco, Michael Cimino -- Writer
Bruce Dern -- Freeman Lowell
Cliff Potts -- John Keenan
Ron Rifkin -- Marty Barker
Jesse Vint -- Andy Wolf
Steve Brown -- Drone
Mark Persons -- Drone 2/Huey
Cheryl Sparks -- Drone 1/Dewey
Larry Whisenhunt -- Drone

The Thing
The Thing
John Carpenter -- Director
Bill Lancaster, John W. Campbell Jr. (story) -- Writer
Kurt Russell -- R.J. MacReady
Wilford Brimley -- Dr. Blair
T.K. Carter -- Nauls
David Clennon -- Palmer
Keith David -- Childs
Richard A. Dysart -- Dr. Copper
Charles Hallahan -- Norris
Peter Maloney -- Bennings
Richard Masur -- Clark
Donald Moffat -- Garry
Joel Polis -- Fuchs
Thomas G. Waites -- Windows
Norbert Weisser -- Norwegian
Larry J. Franco -- Norwegian Passenger With Rifle
Nate Irwin -- Helicopter Pilot

We had a give-away contest. Winners were sent one of the DVDs listed here, courtesy of ElectricArtists.

The questions and answers are:
Name two TV series in which Jon Seda (12 Monkeys) appeared. The series include Homicide: Life on the Street, Oz and UC: Undercover.
Name another David Lynch movie in which Kyle MacLachlan (Dune) appeared. They include Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me or Blue Velvet.
Name the director of the movie in which Tom Cruise will appear in the summer of 2002. According to IMDB, the directors are Steven Spielberg or Jay Roach.

Small Print:
In order to win one of the DVDs listed here, you must have send an email to stating correct answers to the above questions.

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