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White Wolf, 320 pages

Art: Chris Moeller
Additional Information
America Offline: Psi Order Orgotek and FSA Sourcebook
140 pages
By Bruce Baugh, Rob Heinsoo, and James Kiley
Cover art by David Seeley

Luna Rising: Psi Order ISRA and Luna Sourcebook
140 pages
By Robert Scott Martin, Jonathan Woodward, Judith A. McLaughlin, and Andrew Bates
Cover art by Rick Berry

SF Site Review: Trinity

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Quick Start Parts 1-4

Trinity Core Rulebook Excerpts
The AEON Trinity -- Excerpt#1(pdf) 10.21.97
200 Year Timeline -- Excerpt#2(pdf) 10.22.97
Aberrants -- Excerpt#3(pdf) 10.22.97
ALIENS:Qin -- Excerpt#4(pdf) 10.24.97
ALIENS: Chromatics -- Excerpt#5 10.24.97

Past Feature Reviews
A review by Henry Harding

Welcome to the year 2120 AD! Things are a little unfamiliar, a little strange, a little scary, as you might expect. Humanity's met several species of aliens; some friendly, most aggressive. Humans have started to colonize space. On the everyday scale you can now interface with your Wazukana 300E personal computer via an agent, have biotech claws implanted under your fingernails for protection -- don't forget to clip them! -- even wear organically grown clothing. (Imagine the scene at the check-out counter: "I'll have the petunias, the ground-covering junipers, 3 bags of peat moss, 50 feet of garden hose, oh and the black, strapless Paco Rabanne with the petal hem. Do I have to put a gro-light in my closet?")

Some lucky individuals have even been enhanced in Prometheus chambers and come out with gnarly psi powers. And a good thing too because Earth is under threat of the Aberrants, mutated insane humans who have all the gnarly powers the psions do. Still, the Aberrants aren't all bad. After all, they did destroy France.

Trinity is finally out in a low-cost, softcover edition. It's got everything the hardcover did (except for the hard cover, duhh!), the George Alec Effinger short story, 150 pages of high gloss colour pages detailing Trinity's milieu, chapters leading you through character creation, combat, technology, and the absolute best... storytelling.

This is where White Wolf excels. Not content to leave faceless, cipher-like player-characters battling no-name extras and disposable aliens, White Wolf builds into their games the idea of personality and inner conflict that transforms the player character into a character, effectively turning a gaming session into a group improve with the gameskeeper orchestrating the events. Plus this edition has a 'the plot thus far...' update for gameskeepers that contains all the gory details of the behind-the-scenes machinations, and, best of the bonuses, a quote from the original SF Site review of the hardcover (sadly, not done by this reviewer. Snuff, snuff).

The player characters are the psions, complex characters caught in political webs spun by governments, corporations, and their PSI orders. Or they can be strong-chinned heroes with plenty of bravado, thwarting evil, bug-eyed nasties. This game is flexible. Depending on the inclinations of the gameskeeper, the adventure created could be anything from "cyberpunk to Star Wars." A creative gameskeeper could go to both extremes in the course of play.

There is so much in this game that it's daunting. It is easier to read the rules section first, get an idea of the way the game works and who the characters are before going to Trinity's milieu.

To go with Trinity, White Wolf is planning a number of supplements and source books. But there is so much in this game, the background so fully realized, there's nothing more you need in order to play in any one of a hundred different styles. Want something Alienish? Plan a campaign on one of the colonies battling the Chromatics. Neuromancerish? Work undercover for Orgotek in the Zurich-Geneva sprawl. Anime? Pour yourself into a Bio-organic Assault Suit, hop on a hovercycle, and let's go baby! As usual for White Wolf, the book is gorgeous. The layout, the artwork, everything. The cover however is designed to get the hormone-crazed teenager who loved Starship Troopers to pick up the game.

Strangely, the credits were buried back on page 313. The list is too numerous to mention, but my hat's off to all of them.

Play the future today! Trinity lets you role-play in any science fiction background easily. It's a great game. Makes me wish we had seedless Armani loafers with the built-in stamen lifts.

Copyright © 1999 by Henry Harding

Henry Harding has been gaming since he was knee high to an elf. If only someone would pry the dice out of his hands he might get started on that sequel to War and Peace he's been thinking of writing.

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