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The Very Best of Charles de Lint
Charles de Lint
Tachyon, July 2010

The Very Best of Charles de Lint

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All of the finest stories of this popular pioneer of urban fantasy and creator of the mythical city of Newford have been chosen by the author -- and his fans -- and gathered in this extraordinary collection. Asked to suggest their own favorite stories for inclusion, Charles de Lint's fans have been instrumental in creating a treasury that will spark the imaginations of readers of all ages. These are retold fairy tales and new modern myths that thoroughly redefine the boundaries of magic.

We had a contest. You could have won a copy of The Very Best of Charles de Lint, published by Tachyon Publications. All answers appear on Charles's Facebook page except for the last one which appears on the web site of Tachyon Publications.

What are the names of Charles's dog and cat?
Tommy and Clare
Johnny and Clare
Johnny and Clara
Who did Charles see at the Ottawa Jazz Festival?
Joe Lovano & Roy Hargrove's big band
Oscar Peterson
Joshua Redman
What did Charles like best about the new TV series, Memphis Blue?
the characters
the feel of the setting
the soundtrack
What did Charles think of the new book by Holly Black, White Cat?
terrific continuation of her previous books
similar characters and setting
nicely different from her previous work, but the same high quality
What other book has Tachyon published?
Medicine Road
Seven Wild Sisters
A Circle of Cats

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