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Blood Oath
Christopher Farnsworth
Narrated by Bronson Pinchot, unabridged
Blackstone Audio, 10.5 hours

Blood Oath
Christopher Farnsworth
Christopher Farnsworth, born and raised in Idaho, worked as an investigative and business reporter for several years, before selling his first script, The Academy, to MGM. His work has also appeared in the New Republic, Washington Monthly and The New York Post. He and his faily live in Los Angeles.

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A review by Jason R. Godbout

It is common knowledge that the President of the United States is in possession of highly classified information as part of his job. In Christopher Farnsworth's debut novel, one of the president's secrets is a vampire named Nathaniel Cade. Cade is charged with fighting evil and protecting the United States from all sorts of threats, foreign and domestic.

Nathaniel Cade became a vampire after an incident aboard a whaling ship off the Massachusetts coast in 1867. Discovered drinking the blood of two of his shipmates, Cade was captured and sentenced to death for his crime. The then President Andrew Jackson intervened and commuted his sentence to life imprisonment in an insane asylum, where the American public was told he died. This was a lie, and the beginning of life as a secret agent serving every president thereafter.

Farnsworth's screenwriting background no doubt helps with the dialogue that takes place in this story -- dialogue that doesn't become too embellished, as some writers can do, but restrained enough so that it lends itself well to the audiobook format. It's a solid debut novel that reads like part Tom Clancy and part Clive Barker.

Narrator Bronson Pinchot delivers an exceptional reading in this recording. His pacing is flawless and always in keeping with the story. Character voices are clearly identifiable and unique to their character, allowing the listener to easily follow the dialogue. Without question, Pinchot's performance adds to the listener's enjoyment in addition to the totally engaging story that Farnsworth has created.

Blood Oath is not only a vampire tale, it's also an exciting story filled with fighting action, the undead, secrets, and evil of all sorts. Any reader interested in mystery, action or thriller/horror will surely enjoy Blood Oath.

Copyright © 2010 Jason R. Godbout

Jason R. Godbout is a college student and book blogger living in Connecticut. His blog can be found at:

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