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Dervish Is Digital
Pat Cadigan
Macmillan, 230 pages

Dervish Is Digital
Pat Cadigan
Pat Cadigan's other novels include Mindplayers, Synners and Fools; and three major short story collections, Patterns, Home By The Sea, and Dirty Work.

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A review by Harriet Klausner

Detective Dore Konstantine runs the three-person Techno Crime, AR (Artificial Reality) Division. Though swamped with work, as the net has become a copyright nightmare, Dore would not mind if they could win one, once a while. Proof is difficult at best to find and justice is a cyber-thought of the mundane realm.

However, Dore is stunned when designer Susannah Ell claims her former spouse, wealthy Hastings Dervish, is stalking her via artificial reality. Stalking is a real world dangerous dilemma, not a cyber-world problem. Susannah wants Dore to make Hastings stop, preferably by arresting him. A disbelieving Dore knows the world of cyberspace is filled with lies, misinformation, and deadly illusion. In this place, Dore seeks the truth amidst the cesspool of AR while Japanese police peer Goku believes her target is working the Hong Kong casinos. Is that in the real world or the artificial world? Either way, Dore is going to learn just how clever and dangerous Dervish really is.

The return of Dore Konstantine, cyberspace police officer, is a joyful event for those readers who relish something quite different in their police procedurals. As with its predecessor, Tea from an Empty Cup, Dervish Is Digital is a wild ride that never slows down for a moment, even when the readers enter AR, a place that seems more authentic than our reality does at times. Talented Pat Cadigan takes the police procedural into places that few, if any, have gone before.

Copyright © 2001 Harriet Klausner

Harriet was an acquisitions librarian in Pennsylvania and she wrote a monthly review column of recommended reads. She found she liked reviewing and went on to freelance, after her son was born. She has 2 dogs, a cairn and a pom, and four cats. And she has a 21 year old son and a husband who wants to, but is nowhere near retiring. She is a speed reader (a gift she was born with) and reads two books a day.

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