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Gray Rights: The Gray Zone Volume 2
Roger L. Phillips
Close Encounters Studios Inc., 89 pages

Gray Rights: The Gray Zone Volume 2
Roger L. Phillips
Roger L. Phillips is a product designer and illustrator with over 19 years of experience working in the creative field. The idea for the Close Encounters Series came from his father who is an avid astronomer and science fiction enthusiast.

Close Encounters Studios
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A review by Sandra Scholes

I have only a brief idea of what volume one was like via the internet. Volume two is a funny book full of one panel comic pieces that jump off the page, commenting about life on Earth and in outer space. Roger L. Phillips uses popular culture to raise laughs, even poking fun at new gadgets around at the moment such as the iPhone and iPod.

The cover art on its own is enough to cause laughs, especially aliens carrying placards that say "Down With Gravity," and the apt "Chewbacca for President." His cartoons are hilarious one-liners; if the alien back scratcher doesn't get you giggling, then his iProbe, Wanted ad, and Napalien certainly will.

The comic art is well drawn, and looks like it has been done using a computer package, and that is what makes it jump off the page. Each piece is full of satire and biting humour, and is so topical that everyone will understand and warm to it.

There are a lot of books like this that are on the shelves in book stores or online to buy, and give everyone a good laugh world-wide. Gray Rights: The Gray Zone Volume 2 deserves a look as the artwork is well composed and drawn, and the punch lines are good enough to cause serious belly laughs. Think about the ever comical Mad, Cracked cartoons, and Mark Lister's Trek Toons. In fact the latter book is more what to expect with this one.

Copyright © 2012 Sandra Scholes

Sandra writes reviews and articles for Active Anime, The Chronicles, Love Vampires, Love Romance Passion and many, many more.

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