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Summon the Keeper
Tanya Huff
DAW Books, 336 pages

Summon the Keeper
Tanya Huff
Tanya Huff worked at Bakka, Canada's oldest SF and fantasy book store, for many years. Leaving there, she moved further east up the St. Lawrence and found the perfect place. Elsewhere Tanya has said there will be no more Blood Series books but she is planning volume 4 of the Quarters Series to be called The Quartered Sea.

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A review by Margo MacDonald

Having a hole to Hell in your basement isn't so bad. You get to heat your house for free, and be entertained by Hell's frustrated attempts at stand-up comedy. The imps and their petty evil tricks, however, can get on your nerves. But, as long as you've got a handsome and sensitive young guy from Newfoundland as your housekeeper and the ghost of a flirty French-Canadian sailor to keep your spirits up, not to mention a sarcastic talking cat, you can handle almost anything. At least, that's what the main character of Summon the Keeper discovers in this latest book by Tanya Huff.

This book is entertainment pure and simple. If you want to have a good chuckle and keep yourself amused while sitting on the beach, then pick up this gem of a book. Huff tells a great story, but never takes herself or it too seriously. She consciously borrows elements from other books as well as movies, comics and mythology and combines them with her own great imagination to make a thoroughly satisfying story.

It may not be literature, but it sure is likeable.

Copyright © 1998 by Margo MacDonald

Margo has always been drawn toward fantasy and, at the age of 5, decided to fill her life with it by pursuing a career as a professional actress. Aside from theatre (and her husband), Margo's passion has been for books. Her interests are diverse and eclectic, but the bulk fall within the realm of speculative fiction. She tells us that her backlog has reached 200 books and she's ready to win the lottery and retire.

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