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Fairy Tale Anthologies
edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Avon Books
Snow White, Blood Red

Snow White, Blood Red

Susan Wade Like a Red, Red Rose
Charles de Lint The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep
Gahan Wilson The Frog Prince
Nancy Kress Stalking Beans
Tanith Lee Snow-Drop
Wendy Wheeler Little Red
Kathe Koja I Shall Do Thee Mischief in the Wood
Gregory Frost The Root of the Matter
Elizabeth A. Lynn The Princess in the Tower
Harvey Jacobs Persimmon
Steve Rasnic Tem Little Poucet
Melanie Tem The Changelings
Caroline Stevermer & Ryan EdmondsThe Springfield Swans
Neil Gaiman Troll Bridge
Leonard Rysdyk A Sound, Like Angels Singing
Esther M. Friesner Puss
Jack Dann The Glass Casket
Jane Yolen Knives
Patricia A. McKillip The Snow Queen
Lisa Goldstein Breadcrumbs and Stones
Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears

Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears

Susan Wade Ruby Slippers
Tanith Lee The Beast
Garry Kilworth Masterpiece
Nancy Kress Summer Wind
Farida S. T. Shapiro This Century of Sleep or, Briar Rose Beneath the Sea
Joyce Carol Oates The Crossing
Roberta Lannes Roach in Loafers
Michael Cadnum Naked Little Men
Lisa Goldstein Brother Bear
John Brunner The Emperor Who Had Never Seen a Dragon
Nancy A. Collins Billy Fearless
Gene Wolfe The Death of Koshchei the Deathless
Susan Palwick The Real Princess
Milbre Burch The Huntsman's Story
Milbre Burch After Push Comes to Shove
Gahan Wilson Hansel and Grettel
Anne Bishop Match Girl
Kathe Koja Waking the Prince
Ellen Steiber The Fox Wife
Neil Gaiman The White Road
Jane Yolen The Traveler and the Tale
Delia Sherman The Printer's Daughter
Black Swan, White Raven

Black Swan, White Raven

Michael Cadnum The Flounder's Kiss
Karen Joy Fowler The Black Fairy's Curse
Michael Blumlein Snow in Dirt
Nalo Hopkinson Riding the Red
Esther M. Friesner No Bigger Than My Thumb
Joyce Carol Oates In the Insomniac Night
Steve Rasnic Tem The Little Match Girl
Gary Kilworth The Trial of Hansel and Gretel
Anne Bishop Rapunzel
Gregory Frost Sparks
Sten Westgard The Dog Rose
Midori Snyder The Reverend's Wife
Harvey Jacobs The Orphan the Moth and the Magic
Don Webb Three Dwarves and 200 Maniacs
Bruce Glassco True Thomas
Pat Murphy The True Story
John Crowley Lost and Abandoned
Nina Kiriki Hoffman The Breadcrumb Trail
Susanna Clarke On Lickerish Hill
Nancy Kress Steadfast
Jane Yolen Godmother Death
Black Thorn, White Rose

Black Thorn, White Rose

Nancy Kress Words Like Pale Stones
Patricia C. WredeStronger Than Time
Ann Downer Somnus's Fair Maid
Daniel Quinn The Frog King, or Iron Henry
M. E. Beckett Near-Beauty
Michael Kandel Ogre
Michael Cadnum Can't Catch Me
Lawrence Schimel Journeybread Recipe
Isabel Cole The Brown Bear of Norway
Tim Wynne-Jones The Goose Girl
Midori Snyder Tattercoats
Jane Yolen Granny Rumple
Howard Waldrop The Sawing Boys
Roger Zelazny Godson
Peter Straub Ashputtle
Ellen Steiber Silver and Gold
Storm ConstantineSweet Bruising Skin
Susan Wade The Black Swan

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