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One Buck Horror, Volume 4
edited by Christopher and Kris M. Hawkins
Coronis Publishing, 34 pages

Christopher and Kris M. Hawkins
Christopher Hawkins is a writer and web developer from the Chicago area. He is the author of numerous short stories, which have appeared in publications such as Sinister Tales, Murky Depths, and The Harrow, as well as in the anthologies Read By Dawn vol 2, and Shadow Regions. He is also a member of the Horror Writers' Association and the creator of the writing resource site,

Kris Hawkins has been a voracious reader since the age of five when she was offered the princely sum of $20 by her older brother to read and summarize The Hobbit. She earned that $20 and went on to read The Shining at age eight. Despite the sleepless nights that caused, she is still an avid horror fan. She keeps an active book journal and makes a New Year's resolution every year to read more non-fiction than she currently does.

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A review by Sandra Scholes

One Buck Horror Volume 4 Short stories are the true staple for a reader. They are easy to read and quick enough for short journeys or sitting in waiting rooms -- though not to see the doctor or dentist. These stories are far too scary for that. One Buck Horror, this time around, has several stories of interest to just about anyone who likes a good scare. One has a group of folk sitting around a camp fire during the Day of the Dead celebrations, each wanting to hear a horror story. It is a standard pulp horror framework where the writer has the narrator keeping the audience hanging on right up until the end. It has the perfect shock tactics that make it short and sweet, as well as punchy, and this style is evident right through the rest of the stories.

For those who prefer to read longer stories, these might be a bit too short, but that aside, they are readable, and shouldn't be written off for that reason alone. Being short, they are designed to be enjoyed in one sitting, and they are easy to take in. They will remind those interested readers of the old 50s horror stories that were available in horror magazines like Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt, and they still keep that magic stirring in the mind of ghoulish monsters that creep and crawl with eye-popping regularity.

As a reader, you will be disappointed that there are only five stories in this anthology, but rest assured that there are more volumes in the One Buck Horror series. So if this is your first taste of this series, it will serve to whet your appetite.

Copyright © 2012 Sandra Scholes

Sandra Scholes has had her reviews and articles published in numerous magazines, blogs and websites, The British Fantasy Society, Fantasy Book Review, Active Anime, and Love Romance Passion.

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