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Sidewise Awards for Alternate History
The judges for the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History have announced the winners (in bold along with the other nominees) for the Sidewise Awards. The awards were presented at Millennium Philcon, the 59th World Science Fiction Convention, held from August 30 - September 3. The Sidewise Awards are named after Murray Leinster's 1934 short story "Sidewise in Time."

LONG FORM: (60,000 words or longer or complete series)
Mary Gentle, Ash: A Secret History, (published in US as A Secret History, Carthage Ascendant, The Wild Machines, and Lost Burgundy), Victor Gollancz ; Avon/Eos
Suzanne Allés Blom, Inca, Tor/Forge
S.M. Stirling, The Nantucket Trilogy, (Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, On the Oceans of Eternity), NAL/Roc

SHORT FORM: (shorter than 60,000 words)

Ted Chiang, "Seventy-Two Letters," Vanishing Acts, edited by Ellen Datlow, Tor
Eugene Byrne, "HMS Habakkuk," Interzone 155 (5/00)
Paul J. McAuley, "A Very British History," Interzone 157 (7/00)
Kim Newman, "The Other Side of Midnight: Anno Dracula 1981," The Vampire Sextette, edited by Marvin Kaye, Science Fiction Book Club
Carla Pereira, "Xochiquetzal," Altair 6/7, translated by David Alan Prescott. Originally appeared as "Xochiquetzal e a Esquandra da Vingança," in Pecar a Sete, edited by António de Macedo and Silvana de Menezes, Simetria 1999.

Previous Winners
Long Form
Brendan DuBois, Resurrection Day, Putnam 1999
Stephen Fry, Making History, 1998
Harry Turtledove, How Few Remain, 1997
Stephen Baxter, Voyage, 1996
Paul J. McAuley, Pasquale's Angel, 1995

Short Form
Alain Bergeron, "The Eighth Register," Northern Suns, edited by David G. Hartwell and Glenn Grant, Tor, 1999. Translated by Howard Scott. Originally published as "La Huitième register," Solaris #107, Autumn 1993
Ian R. MacLeod, "The Summer Isles," 1998
William Sanders, "The Undiscovered," 1997
Walter Jon Williams, "Foreign Devils," 1996
Stephen Baxter, "Brigantia's Angels," 1995

Special Achievement
Randall Garrett, Lifetime Achievement for such works as Lord Darcy Investigates, Murder and Magic, Too Many Magicians
L. Sprague de Camp, Lifetime Achievement, 1995
Robert Sobel, For Want of a Nail, 1997

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Nominations are currently being accepted for next year's Sidewise Awards. For more information, the award website is

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