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Earth Girls Are Deadly
Penni Fitzmon
Tuppshar Press, 91 pages

Earth Girls Are Deadly
Penni Fitzmon
Penni Fitzmon novels include Earth Girls are Deadly (2009) and Fallout (2010).

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A review by John Enzinas

Let me sum up this book in three words: Tentacle Rape Porn. In writing this review, I would like to make it clear that I am not the target demographic for this book. The rest of this review might be triggering for some.

This book details the adventures of a colony of alien serial rapists who apparently represent the enlightened half of the galaxy. Since they can't manage to talk to the humans (although dolphins proved no problem) they decide that they must forcibly inject them with the magic nanotechnology that will protect them from the bad guys. They do this by generating a tentacle monster and using it to stuff the things into the orifices of a couple of isolated humans. Then they discover that by doing this to a woman, they can turn her into some kind of super weapon against the bad guys so they decide that they have to do it more.

The author is also generous to give us a first person perspective of the rape from the character first noticing the alien's physical control to the feelings of shame and self-loathing that come after.

Justifying their actions with the knowledge that they are saving the universe from evil, the aliens decide to do the same thing to a whole dormitory of women. As they systematically rape all of the students in the dorm, the bad guys show up to kill the aliens (and presumably save the women). But just in the nick of time, the good aliens manage to rape the heroine enough to activate the super weapon and save the Earth from the evil aliens who only want evil and hate and fear.

So to recap: the good aliens rape human women to kill the bad aliens who want to kill the good aliens to keep themselves from being killed. I think that's fucked up and wrong.

Copyright © 2010 John Enzinas

John Enzinas reads frequently and passionately. In his spare time he plays with swords.

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