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Doc Savage: White Eyes
Will Murray
Narrated by Richard Epcar, unabridged
Radio, 10 hours

Doc Savage: White Eyes
Will Murray
Will Murray is the literary agent for the estate of Lester Dent, and the author of over 50 novels, including several posthumous Doc Savage collaborations with series originator Lester Dent, among them Python Isle, White Eyes, and his latest novel Desert Demons.

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A review by Steven Brandt

A small-time crook gets nabbed during a bank heist. Unfortunately for the crook, a man was killed during the robbery and a death sentence could be handed down. To save his own life, the thug cuts a deal and agrees to name the mastermind behind the bank job, but as the police are escorting him to the DA's office, he suddenly falls to the ground in convulsions and within minutes, is dead. A quick examination shows that the crook's eyes have turned a perfect and unblemished white, like cue-balls. He has just become the sixth man to die this way. The police know that a bizarre string of deaths like this warrants the aid of -- Doc Savage!

It doesn't take Doc's unparalleled investigative skills long to determine that there is a new criminal mastermind in town. No one really knows who he is, only that he goes by the name of White Eyes, wears only white clothing, has skin the color of porcelain, and can apparently kill with one look from his dead, white eyes. The police are baffled, the criminal element is terrified, and even Doc seems to be puzzled by the strange power of this man.

After establishing himself and his power, White Eyes finally reveals his plan. Calling together all of the top criminal minds in New York City, White Eyes offers them each a cut in what could prove to be the biggest robbery ever. It has long been rumoured that Doc Savage's vast fortune comes from a secret gold mine to which Doc owns the rights. Now that the secret is out, and with the help of his new army, White Eyes aims to get his cold, white hands on it. Can even Doc Savage resist the terrible, unearthly power of White Eyes?

In his second thrilling audiobook adventure, Doc Savage gets shot, bombed, gassed, gets his car stolen, uses a mind-reading device, performs an autopsy, defends his skyscraper from a gang of murderous thugs, and hops a plane to Cuba! Will Murray has taken Lester Dent's original outline and created an action-packed thrill-ride that is worthy of the man of bronze.

Long time fans of Doc Savage will appreciate the way Will Murray remains true to Lester Dent's character. New fans will also enjoy White Eyes as Murray explains the origins of the Hidalgo Trading Company, Doc's vast fortune of Aztec gold, his fortress of solitude at the North Pole, and his 86th floor headquarters in New York City.

Also included in this audio production are two brief interviews with author Will Murray. In the first, Murray delves into the illustrious history of Doc Savage and gives examples of how Lester Dent shaped the character which was actually created and owned by Street and Smith Publishers. In the second interview, Murray talks specifically about White Eyes, and how he turned Lester Dent's original treatment into a published work. Interesting background material for new and old fans alike.

Narrator Richard Epcar was a good pick for White Eyes. The whole idea behind these Doc Savage productions is to give them the feel of an old-time radio program. Epcar achieved this with his radio-announcer voice, and his melodramatic characterizations. White Eyes is narrated in 3D stereo, with Epcar's narration coming through the center channel, and his character voices coming from the right or left, putting the listener right in the action. Add to this Radio Archive's crystal clear reproduction technology, and you have a cinema quality extravaganza. White Eyes is the second audio adventure in a new series from Radio Archives and I, for one, am looking forward to many more like it.

Copyright © 2011 Steven Brandt

Steven Brandt spends most of his waking hours listening to audiobooks and reviewing them for his blog, Audiobook Heaven. When not reading or reviewing, Steven is usually playing the saxophone for the entertainment and amusement of his family.

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