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Maggie Furey
Bantam, 488 pages

Maggie Furey
Born in North East England. Maggie Furey is a teacher, a book reviewer on BBC Radio Newcastle, an advisor in the Durham Reading Resources Centre and an organizer of children's book fairs. She and her husband live in Dublin with six cats.

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A review by Wayne MacLaurin

The final chapter of The Artefacts of Power, Dhiammara picks up immediately following the end of The Sword of Flame.

At the end of the previous book, Aurian had failed to master the Sword of Flame, one of a trio of powerful magical artifacts and, thereby, unleashed the Phaerie upon the world. Aurian found herself caught up in a time rift that has thrown her, her companions and her nemesis Eliseth forward in time.

The time travel angle allows Maggie Furey to set the stage for an exciting climax to her saga. By the time the main characters "arrive" in the future, the Phaerie have firmly established themselves on the mortal plan and the Archmage Miathan has had time to begin a new plot for power.

The novel continues Aurian's voyage of self-discovery which is fueled by her failure to master her own powers. Like the previous novels, Dhiammara contains a number of plot lines that weave themselves around the central plot of Aurian vs. Eliseth. It creates a masterful work.

In fact, the story is rich enough in detail and story lines that I really didn't believe that it would be the last in the series (even though the back cover clearly states In this fourth and final volume....).

But, it is the final volume. As the story draws to a close, we are reintroduced to characters from the past novels -- both allies and enemies. This is somewhat detrimental to the novel. Some re-introductions seem pointless. Other plot lines, like that of the Phaerie, are completely unaddressed. Perhaps future novels will take up these sub-plots.

However, these petty flaws do not detract from a fine novel and an excellent ending to a good series. If you've been waiting for the conclusion to the Artefacts of Power, you'll be pleased when you read Dhiammara.

Copyright © 1997 by Wayne MacLaurin

Wayne MacLaurin is a regular SF Site reviewer. More of his opinions are available on our Book Reviews pages.

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