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David Moody
Narrated by Gerard Doyle, unabridged
Blackstone Audio, 7.5 hours

David Moody
David Moody self published Hater online in 2006, and without an agent, succeeded in selling film rights to Guillermo del Toro (director, Hellboy 1 & 2, Pan's Labyrinth) and Mark Johnson (producer, The Chronicles of Narnia).

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A review by Gil T. Wilson

In Hater, the world appears to be tearing itself apart through sheer insanity. Seemingly normal people inexplicably react as if a switch goes off and suddenly, without warning, they try to kill anyone in their proximity. Danny McCoyne is the main character and it is through his eyes that we witness the destruction of society. On his way to work one morning, Danny sees a man brutally attacking an elderly lady. Although there's no apparent cause for his anger, he doesn't stop the vicious assault until he finally kills the woman by stabbing her with an umbrella.

When the crowd tries to stop the man, he turns on them and fights to the end. Understandably upset by this horrific scene, Danny is badly shaken by the time he arrives at his job in the Parking Fine Processing office. Danny is just an average guy with a wife, three children, and a low-paying government job. But he's no stranger to anger, as he must endure a constant barrage of abuse from illegally parked citizens upset about parking tickets or having their tires clamped. He also has his own share of internal anger which he must hide from the constant scrutiny of his supervisor. However, no anger he holds inside or has experienced at work can measure up to the rage unfolding in his world.

As the days progress, Danny is witness to several people snapping and just killing without remorse and always in a brutal manner. At the school where one of Danny's children attends, a student goes over the edge and kills a teacher. Soon the television news is reporting several of the violent crimes and it seems something is happening to the city. Those that snap are soon labeled "Haters" but the big question remains unanswered -- what is causing this outbreak of violence? Is it a virus, a disease, or mental instability?

Soon the government steps in and takes over the news broadcasts, issues pamphlets with safety information and sends out troops to begin gunning down the Haters. Danny and his family take the government's advice and lock themselves inside the house for protection. But because there's always the potential for anyone to turn into a Hater, are they locking out the danger or locking it in?

Gerard Doyle displays great vocal command delivering this first person view of the end of the world as he flawlessly portrays the gamut of emotions seen through Danny McCoyne's eyes. Author David Moody writes with such dramatic intensity that listeners may begin looking into the eyes of strangers to make sure they are not Haters.

As an interesting side-note, this book was originally self-published on-line in 2006. Filmmaker/author Guillermo del Toro read it and purchased the movie rights. Now the book has been published in print by Thomas Dunne Books and in audio by Blackstone Audio. The movie is currently in production and scheduled to be released some time in 2010.

Copyright © 2009 Gil T. Wilson

Gil T. has spent a quarter of a century working in radio and has lots of spare time on his hands and reading or listening to books takes up all that time. Check out his blog to find out what he's up to at any given moment.

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