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One Mind's Eye
Kathy Tyers
Bantam Spectra, 387 pages

One Mind's Eye
Kathy Tyers
Kathy Tyers is a bestselling author in the ABA market with earned degrees in microbiology and education. In addition to the books in the Firebird series (Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire), she has authored other science fiction novels, including Crystal Witness and Shivering World. Her writing credits also include The Truce at Bakura (her first Star Wars novel) and Balance Point (released in October, 2000). A classically trained flutist turned folk artist, she regularly performs folk music with her husband and also plays with the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra. She and her husband make their home in Montana and have one son.

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A review by Suzanne Krein

Llyn Torfinn longs for a normal life. Ever since she was rescued from an alternate reality chamber, her life has been anything but normal. Music, which can be her greatest source of joy, can also throw her into the trance-like state of another reality. Her adopted mother, Karine, claims to have Llyn's best interests at heart. Karine is a member of the Empath Order. She uses her ability to see inside the minds of others as a tool for healing. Where Llyn is concerned, this "healing" is often emotionally painful.

Llyn's pain soon fades in comparison to the pain faced by the world of Antar, the planet where Llyn lives with Karine. A surprise attack from Tdega, another planet in the Concord group, destroys Nuris University and throws the Concord into a panic. The Concord worlds struggle to unite against the Tdegan bullies. The Concord planetary representatives realize that this time of internal conflict could become the perfect opportunity for an attack from the Devastators (the alien exterminators who had decimated most of the Concord worlds 200 years earlier) or from an even worse enemy. Adding to the intrigue, the Empath Order must solve a mystery that may have an unspeakable solution. Llyn appears to be at the focal point of this mysterious conflict and the catalyst of its resolution.

Kathy Tyers has a rare gift. She combines true science fiction with tender romance, edge-of-your-seat action, and spiritual insight. As in all of her books, she also weaves her own love of music in and through her science fiction story. The result is a truly unique experience for the reader. In this universe created by Tyers, humanity left Earth and migrated to a hidden star cluster that shelters the home planets of the Concord group. Among the intriguing mysteries that tantalize readers is this: Who built the Gates that provide convenient access from one Concord planet to another?

I love this book because of its soul. Woven through this story of space travel, conflict, music, telepathy, and romance is a thread of faith in the Creator. Llyn resists this faith because its association with Karine taints it for her, yet as the story develops, she is inexorably drawn to something or someone who speaks to her when she enters the alternate reality of an alien hive mind.

If you enjoy One Mind's Eye, I encourage you to read these other works by Tyers: the Firebird series (Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire), and her other science fiction novels, including Crystal Witness and Shivering World.

Copyright © 2000 by Suzanne Krein

Suzanne Krein is a free-lance curriculum writer with a life-long passion -- reading and writing science fiction, especially Christian science fiction. She lives with her family in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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