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Carnal Sin: The Seven Deadly Sins, Book 2
Allison Brennan
Ballantine Books, 438 pages

Carnal Sin
Allison Brennan
Allison Brennan worked as a consultant in the California State Legislature for thirteen years before leaving to devote her time to her family and writing. Her books include the New York Times bestselling Evil series: Speak No Evil, See No Evil, and Fear No Evil. She lives in northern California with her family.

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A review by Sandra Scholes

As part of a seven-book paranormal suspense series of novels, Carnal Sin is the second novel of several, including the first Original Sin, that was released to the public with high acclaim. The reason for the seven novels is due to Allison Brennan's theme of the seven deadly sins, each of which have been unleashed by demons who want to control the world. In this novel, Lust, in demon form, travels to Los Angeles to influence individuals and answer his calling.

With Brennan's quote from the Marquis De Sade, the reader will know they are in for a dark and thrilling novel. In the first, Original Sin, the characters were already established, and used their expertise in the occult to be able to control demons. In this story more is known about each individual character, their hopes, loves, fears and inner turmoil. The reluctant heroes are given the mammoth task of finding and sending back the demon Lust from trying to take control of Los Angeles. They can only hope the coven that uses him to take revenge on cheating men will get a rude awakening from the two officers provided they get there in time.

The untimely death of handsome, eligible bachelor, Kent Gallion, owner of clubs such as Velocity, is also part of the investigation as he has shown unusual traits, while at his work place, others find suspicious, and it is up to Detective Grant Nelson has to find out why he assaulted Rachel Prince.

Rafe and Moira are on the case investigating the seven deadly sins, demons that go about Los Angeles in search of human prey. Such sins as Greed who is steering those in Wall Street to its destruction, and Sloth who encourages those he is in contact with to idleness. The two of them are sensitive to the supernatural and may be the only ones who are able to go up against the forces of evil almost every month. Moira is doubtful of her own skills and experience of the darker side of the occult, but her co-worker Rafe is sure enough and helps her out with how she feels inside. She thinks she might have been affected by the demon she had already come across, but he doubts that, believing she is over-reacting. Rafe is more interested in her sexually than being her friend. Their bond has become stronger, so much so that he needs to be with her, and connect with her body. Moira can see how he is becoming obsessed about her and has to stop him before he gets too carried away; after all, they are supposed to be in a professional relationship.

Moira has loved once before, but that light of her life has been gone some time, and she still mourns her loss. Her feelings that she can't accept another man in her life have left her scarred, and needing to keep focussed on her work at all times. Putting all thought of sex out of her mind. For Rafe, his mind is fixated on his desire for Moira, his lust for her body is overwhelming him, and could be the result of his being exposed to a certain demon.

One of many titles by Allison Brennan, this is the sequel to Original Sin where we first see Moira and Rafe embroiled in the occult and the seven deadly sins. The front cover is a clear indication of what is to follow in this book, and has a combination of investigating occult phenomenon, mystery and sensually blinding eroticism thrown in.

Copyright © 2010 Sandra Scholes

Sandra Scholes is known for her articles and reviews on LoveRomancePassion, The Zone and Quail Bell Magazine, but normally looks out of the window at work on horrible, rainy days hoping for better weather.

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