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Finding Poe
Leigh M. Lane
Cerebral Books, 207 pages

Finding Poe
Leigh M. Lane
Leigh M. Lane lives in the beautiful mountains of Montana with her husband and their two cats. She writes dark speculative fiction that often contains strong social and political commentary. She has six other novels published in another genre under a different name.

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A review by Sandra Scholes

Edgar Allan Poe has influenced many new writers with his short stories that ranged from the strange, to the eerie and bizarre. They were dark, but one novel he never completed was The Lighthouse, and this is the basis for the novel, as well as other characters the author has added for creative reasons.

Karina, the principal character, wants to find the truth behind her husband's death. This life-changing experience leads her to the lighthouse at the centre of the mystery where it is believed the area around it holds buried treasure; or at least that is what is thought to be a local legend. Though whether this is true is a matter of opinion. While still alive, it was her husband Brantley who wanted answers to this mystery, yet she thinks he is leading her astray with his advice, leaving her frustrated at not getting as close to the clues as much as she would like. When she goes to the lighthouse, she discovers a letter addressed to a certain Mr. Poe in Baltimore. With this information, Karina thinks she may get closer to the writer as well.

It is a story that seems as though it has been written in the dark, as the setting and characters are darker than normal. This is a gothic novel with Poe being one of the main interests in it. The story starts with her trying to find Poe and the answers to her husband's death, but along the way she is subject to some horrifying events that form the dark setting of the novel. Although it is rather short, it has some nerve wracking moments, and some that are downright gory.

Leigh M. Lane's novel is an unusual one with a sense of atmosphere that is the setting for the horror which depicts the effect of a woman being on her own. But Karina is a woman who can hold her own against foes, even the robust and angry male in the story. She is brave, and truly believes if she follows the clues, she will find closure to the mystery of her husband's death. The story is subtly haunting with a nice touch of unsettling horror concealed in it. The plot borders on the normality versus the insane as Katrina goes deeper into Poe's dangerous world.

Copyright © 2012 Sandra Scholes

Sandra has had her work published by Active Anime, Love Romance Passion, Love Vampires and The British Fantasy Society, and still wants to fulfil her master plan of world domination. .

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