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1997 World Fantasy Award Nominees
The nine awards are presented at the banquet of the World Fantasy Convention held each year around the end of October. Two of the nominees on the final ballot are determined by readers while the remainder come from the ballots put together by a panel of judges who change annually. The judges select the recipients in a second round of voting. The awards are based on work done during the previous calendar year. World Fantasy Award The Awards were announced at the World Fantasy Convention awards banquet held in Monterey, California, on Sunday, November 1, 1998. The five judges were:
Peter Crowther
L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
Peter Schneider
Dave Truesdale
Janeen Webb
Life Time Achievement
Edward L. Ferman
Andre Norton

The Physiognomy by Jeffrey Ford (Avon)
Trader by Charles de Lint (Tor)
American Goliath by Harvey Jacobs (St. Martin's)
The Gift by Patrick O'Leary (Tor)
Dry Water Eric S. Nylund (Avon)

"Streetcar Dreams" by Richard Bowes (F&SF, 4/97)
"The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins" by Brian Hodge (Love In Vein II, HarperPrism)
"The Fall of the Kings" by Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman (Bending the Landscape: Fantasy, White Wolf/Borealis)
"Coppola's Dracula" by Kim Newman (The Mammoth Book of Dracula, Robinson Raven, UK)
"The Zombies of Madison County" by Douglas E. Winter (Dark Of The Night, Pumpkin Books, UK)

Short Fiction
"Dust Motes" by P.D. Cacek (Gothic Ghosts, Tor)
"Fortune and Misfortune" by Lisa Goldstein (Asimov's 5/97)
"Get a Grip" by Paul Park (OMNI On-Line, 3/97)
"The Inner Inner City" by Robert Charles Wilson (Northern Frights 4, Mosaic Press)
"Audience" by Jack Womack (Horns of Elfland, Roc)

Bending the Landscape: Fantasy, Ed. Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (White Wolf/Borealis)
Modern Classics of Fantasy, Ed. Gardner Dozois (St. Martin's)
Northern Frights 4, Ed. Don Hutchison (Mosaic Press)
Dark Terrors 3, Ed. Stephen Jones & David Sutton (Gollancz)
Millennium also as Revelations, Ed. Douglas E. Winter (Voyager; Harperprism)

The Throne of Bones by Brian McNaughton (Terminal Fright)
Giant Bones by Peter S. Beagle (Roc)
Driving Blind by Ray Bradbury (Avon)
Fractal Paisleys by Paul Di Filippo (Four Walls Eight Windows)
A Geography of Unknown Lands by Michael Swanwick (Tigereyes Press)

Alan Lee
Rick Berry
Jim Burns
Don Maitz
Dave McKean

Special Award - Professional
The Encyclopedia Of Fantasy, Ed. Clute and Grant (Orbit, St. Martin's)
Ellen Datlow
For Editing & Anthologies
Gardner Dozois
For Editing & Anthologies
Stephen Jones
For Editing & Anthologies
Gordon Van Gelder
For Editing Books (St. Martin's) & for Editing F&SF

Special Award - Non-Professional
Fedogan & Bremer
For book publishing

Richard Chizmar
For Cemetery Dance Magazine and CD Publications
Chris Logan Edwards
For Tigereyes Press
Barry Hoffman
For Gauntlet Magazine and Gauntlet book publishing
Jeff Vandermeer
For Ministry of Whimsy Press

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