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1998 World Fantasy Award Winners and Nominees
The nine awards are presented at the banquet of the World Fantasy Convention held each year around the end of October. Two of the nominees on the final ballot are determined by readers while the remainder come from the ballots put together by a panel of judges who change annually. The judges select the recipients in a second round of voting. The awards are based on work done during the previous calendar year.

Listed here are the winners (in bold at the top of each category) along with nominations for all categories but that for Lifetime Achievement. The nominees for that award are not released in advance.

World Fantasy Award The Awards were announced at the World Fantasy Convention awards banquet held in Providence, Rhode Island, on Sunday, November 7, 1999.

The five judges are:
Gregory Frost
Don Hutchison
Michael Kandel
Rebecca Ore
Al Sarrantonio

Lifetime Achievement
Hugh B. Cave

Louise Erdrich, The Antelope Wife (HarperFlamingo)
Charles de Lint, Someplace to Be Flying (Tor)
Guy Gavriel Kay, Sailing to Sarantium (Simon & Schuster/Earthlight (UK), Viking (Canada), HarperPrism (US))
Sean Stewart, Mockingbird (Ace)
Thomas Sullivan, The Martyring (Forge)

Ian R. McLeod, "The Summer Isles" (Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, November)
A.S. Byatt, "Cold" (Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice; Random House, Chatto & Windus)
Ursula K. Le Guin, "Dragonfly" (Legends, Edited by Robert Silverberg; Tor, Voyager)
George R.R. Martin, "The Hedge Knight" (Legends, Edited by Robert Silverberg; Tor, Voyager)
Peter Straub, "Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff" (Murder for Revenge, Edited by Otto Penzler, Delacorte)

Short Fiction
Kelly Link, "The Specialist's Hat" (Event Horizon, November 15)
Neil Gaiman, "Shoggoth's Old Peculiar" (Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions by Neil Gaiman, Avon Books)
John Kessel, "Every Angel is Terrifying" (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October/November)
Ellen Kushner, "The Death of the Duke" (Starlight 2, Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tor)
Kelly Link, "Travels with the Snow Queen" (Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Volume 1, Number 1 1997/1998; Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection, Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling)

Dreaming Down-Under, Edited by Jack Dann and Janeen Webb (HarperCollins Australia/Voyager)
The Best of Crank!, Edited by Brian Cholfin (Tor)
Dark Terrors 4, Edited by Stephen Jones & David Sutton (Gollancz)
Legends, Edited by Robert Silverberg (Tor, Voyager)
Starlight 2, Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Tor)

Karen Joy Fowler, Black Glass (Henry Holt)
Jack Cady, The Night We Buried Road Dog (Dreamhaven Books)
Elizabeth Hand, Last Summer at Mars Hill (HarperPrism)
Graham Masterton, Manitou Man: The Worlds of Graham Masterton (British Fantasy Society)
Gahan Wilson, The Cleft and Other Odd Tales (Tor)

Charles Vess
Jim Burns
Tom Canty
Alan Clark
Bob Eggleton

Special Award Professional
Jim Turner, For Golden Gryphon Press
Les Daniels, For Superman: The Complete History
Jo Fletcher, For editing
David Pringle, For Interzone
Robert Silverberg & Grania Davis, For editing The Avram Davidson Treasury

Special Award Non-Professional
Richard Chizmar, For Cemetery Dance Publications
David Marshall, For Pumpkin Books
Stephen Pasechnick, For Edgewood Press
Jacob Weisman, For Tachyon Publications

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