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The Preditors and Editors Readers Poll Contest

Preditors and Editors is a site dedicated to providing useful information to writers. They are running a contest to determine the favorite story, poem, and publication of Internet readers.

"It's about time somebody ran a contest like this," says Lucy Snyder, editor of SF Site's Dark Planet Webzine. "The print SF industry hasn't exactly welcomed Web publishing with open arms. As a result, the original stories and poems that are published in webzines are almost totally ignored in Locus, the 'best of' anthologies and such. This contest is, I think, a sign that even if the print folks won't let us play in their sandbox, we're building a good one for ourselves."

Any reader can vote for any short story or poem published on the Internet in 1997. This includes any electronic magazine that is open to submissions by different authors. Throughout the contest, readers can visit the site to see what's garnered votes and what the standings are. The contest page can be accessed directly at //

The contest ends at midnight on January 1, 1998. Then, one voter's name will be drawn at random for a prize.

David L. Kuzminski, who maintains Preditors and Editors, stresses that people should play fair and only vote once. Furthermore, he says that he will not keep people's e-mail addresses after the contest is over. They won't be given or sold to anyone else.

"I hope everybody takes a minute or two to vote," says Snyder. "I certainly hope people will be casting a ballot for their favorite Dark Planet feature, but a vote for a story or poem from any webzine that you like and want to support is a step in the right direction."

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