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New on the shelves are novels from Chris Bunch, Tony Daniel, Alan Dean Foster, Alastair Reynolds, and others; a collection from Kristine Kathryn Rusch; the first new Earthsea book in a decade, from Ursula K. Le Guin; classic reprints from Robert E. Howard, James Blish, Michael Moorcock, Samuel R. Delany, Frederik Pohl -- and a whole lot more besides.

Books are listed alphabetically by author. Only books received are noted. Where available, links to SF Site reviews and book excerpts are provided.

New Arrivals: 1 - 15 May 2001
Part II
Tales From Earthsea
Ursula K. Le Guin
Harcourt (hardcover, 320 pages, $24 US/$36 Can)
Publication date: May 2001

The magical realm of Earthsea was explored in 4 previous novels by Le Guin: A Wizard of Earthsea (1968), The Tombs of Atuan (1971), The Farthest Shore (1972) and Tehanu (1990). This collection of 5 stories is the first Earthsea book to be published in more than a decade, although one story previously appeared in the Legends anthology and one in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Together "the 5 stories in this volume extend the world created by Le Guin in the 4 previous books. They are also a bridge to a major new Earthsea novel by Le Guin, The Other Wind, which Harcourt will publish in fall 2001."
Caught in a Still Place
Jonathan Lerner
Xlibris (trade, 130 pages, $16 US)
Publication date: March 2001

First published in England by Serpent's Tail in 1989, and now available in the US from Xlibris. "After the plague, there remain 4 survivors... In a landscape littered with the debris of physical and psychological devastation, they evolve new ways of relating to one another. Part prediction, part parable, Caught in a Still Place is a novel of sparse intensity which affirms the possibility of human survival in the aftermath of disaster."
Star Wars: Cloak of Deception
James Luceno
Lucas Books, Del Rey (hardcover, 345 pages, $26 US/$38 Can)
Publication date: 5 June 2001

"An all-new Star Wars adventure that reveals the action and intrigue unfolding directly before Episode I: The Phantom Menace." In the bureaucratic mess of the crumbling Galactic Republic, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi manage to foil an assassination attempt; shady trade alliances are struck; and Darth Sidious has ambitious plans that will have terrifying ramifications...
Marc Fishman
The Pagan King
Edison Marshall
Green Knight Publishing (trade, 336 pages, $14.95 US/$21.95 Can)
Publication date: March 2001

Green Knight Publishing continues its spectacular line of Pendragon Fiction, publishing original Arthurian stories and reprinting lost classics of Arthurian literature. This time, we have a reprint of Marshall's 1959 novel that has been out of print for too many years. It was "one of the first modern novels to rediscover the Arthurian legend's Welsh roots. In this splendid retelling, Edison Marshall -- author of such classics as The Viking (1951), The Conqueror (1962), and The Lost Colony (1964) -- shares with readers his own unique vision of the epic victories and agonizing defeats of one of the world's greatest heroes."
Stephen Youll
George R.R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle
Bantam Spectra (hardcover, 346 pages, $23.95 US/$35.95 Can)
Publication date: 5 June 2001

First published in 1981, and out of print for a number of years, this was Martin's second book, co-written with the author of Familiar Spirit, Lost Futures and The Pillow Friend. This is the story of a young woman who dares to challenge the traditions of her people to satisfy her desire to fly.
Paul Youll
Desolation Road
Ian McDonald
Earthlight (mass market reprint, 384 pages, £5.99 UK)
Publication date: 8 May 2001

First published in 1990, this novel is an extraordinary blend of SF and magic realism. "It all began 30 years ago on Mars, with a greenperson. But by the time it all finished, the town of Desolation Road had experienced every conceivable abnormality from Adam Black's Wonderful Travelling Chataqua and Educational 'Stravaganza (complete with its very own captive angel) to the Astounding Tatterdemalion Air Bazaar."
Michael Whelan
Michael Moorcock
Gollancz, Fantasy Masterworks #17 (trade, 800 pages, £6.99 UK)
Publication date: 10 May 2001

Part of Moorcock's Eternal Champion multiverse, this book includes work previously published (in the mid-1960s) under the titles The Stealer of Souls and Stormbringer. "Elric of Melniboné, the haunted, treacherous and doomed albino sorcerer-prince... in thrall to his soul-eating sword, Stormbringer, he is yet a hero whose bloody adventures and wanderings lead inexorably to his decisive intervention in the war between the forces of Law and Chaos." (Glad to see they're using the classic Whelan covers for these -- they were always the best depictions of Elric. I actually have a framed print of this one hanging over my desk. Very inspirational!)
Jim LaMarche
Donna Jo Napoli, illustrated by Jim LaMarche
Silver Whistle, Harcourt (hardcover, 32 pages, $16 US/$24 Can)
Publication date: April 2001

Every day, Albert sticks a hand out the window to test the weather, and every day the weather is just not right for a stroll outside. So, Albert stays in. Every day. One day, though, something improbable and fantastic happens that will change his outlook forever. That day, the outside world will come into Albert's closed world, in the form of a nesting pair of cardinals. From that moment on, his life becomes the adventure everyone's should be.
review Review by Lisa DuMond.
Chris Moore
Frederik Pohl
Gollancz, SF Masterworks #41 (trade, £6.99 UK)
Publication date: 10 May 2001

First published in 1979. "The discovery of another habitable world might spell salvation to the 3 bitterly competing power blocs of the resource-starved 21st century; but when their representatives arrive on Jem, with its multiple intelligent species, they discover instead the perfect situation into which to export their rivalries."
Josh Kirby
The Rincewind Trilogy
Terry Pratchett
Victor Gollancz (hardcover, £16.99 UK)
Publication date: May 2001

A Discworld Omnibus, comprising the novels previously published separately under the titles Sourcery, Eric and Interesting Times. Need I say more?
Chris Moore
Chasm City
Alastair Reynolds
Victor Gollancz (trade, 480 pages, £10.99 UK)
Publication date: May 2001

The author of last year's Revelation Space now returns to that universe with his new SF novel. "Tanner Mirabel was a security specialist who never made a mistake... until the day a woman in his care was blown away during an attack by a vengeful young postmortal named Argent Reivich. Tanner's pursuit of Reivich takes him away from his homeworld, across light-years of space, to Chasm City, the domed human settlement on the otherwise inhospitable planet Yellowstone. But Chasm City isn't what it used to be: the one-time high-tech utopia has become a dark, Gothic nightmare, victim of a nanotechnological virus which has corrupted the city's inhabitants as thoroughly as it has the buildings. Now the city is a place of steam-driven machines, shadowy factions and deadly new games..."
Thomas Canty
Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Golden Gryphon (hardcover, 284 pages, $24.95 US)
Publication date: May 2001

For 6 years, she edited the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. But she was a writer before she was an editor, and it seems she has returned to that calling. This collection gathers some of Rusch's best fantasy & SF stories, including her first published work and several award-winners and award-nominees. Stories in this collection span more than two decades, from 1988 to 2000.
review Review by Steven H Silver.

Child of Venus
Pamela Sargent
Eos, HarperCollins (hardcover, 464 pages, $25 US/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: May 2001

Sequel to Venus of Shadows and Venus of Dreams. Pamela Sargent is to planet Venus what Kim Stanley Robinson is to Mars. "Though the terraforming of Venus began centuries ago, the planet is still not habitable. After generations of hard work, a growing number of malcontents have become dangerously impatient, threatening the planet's peace. Devastation paralyzed this world before -- a conflict that produced Mahala Liangharad, a true child of Venus conceived from the rebels' genetic material... With catastrophe looming, Mahala must choose her destiny. A mysterious call from deep space is pulling her toward the fulfillment of her most cherished dreams... even as it tears her away from everything she has ever known."
Flatterland: Like Flatland, Only More So
Ian Stewart
Perseus Publishing (hardcover, 301 pages, $25 US/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: March 2001

This is a modern sequel to the 1884 classic of popular mathematics in the tradition of Alice in Wonderland, written by A. Square (a.k.a. Edwin Abbott Abbott). It is as its subtitle says, being "the story of Vikki's fantastic voyage through the Mathiverse. From the Charming Construction Entity to Moobius, the one-sided cow, from the Hawk King to the Space Girls, her encounters grow ever stranger... Finally, armed with a clearer vision of the world beyond, Vikki makes her way home to two-dimensional Flatland -- and starts to spread the word."
T2: Infiltrator
S.M. Stirling
HarperEntertainment (hardcover, 400 pages, $25 US/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: May 2001

"Based on the world created in the motion picture written by James Cameron and William Wisher." That motion picture was, of course, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And this follow-up to that film has been written by the author of more than 25 novels, including Against the Tide of Years, Island in the Sea of Time and On the Oceans of Eternity.
Chris Butler
The Moon & Riddles Diner and the Sunnyside Café
Nancy Willard, illustrated by Chris Butler
Harcourt (hardcover, 40 pages, $17 US/$25 Can)
Publication date: 1 May 2001

Illustrated book of fantastical and/or nonsensical (depending on your perspective) poetry, with 14 recipes for "fun & tasty snacks that kids can make themselves!" Recommended for ages 6 to 9.
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