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New Arrivals
compiled by Neil Walsh

Stock up on your summer reading material with new books from Steve Aylett, Richard Calder, Eric Van Lustbader, Jack McDevitt, Robert Silverberg and many more.

As for me, I've been reading some vintage Zelazny lately:

  • This Immortal by Roger Zelazny (Victor Gollancz, SF Collector's Edition, trade, June 2000, UK)
    This 1966 novel was Zelazny's first (expanded from a shorter work that had appeared in F&SF Magazine the previous year) and won him the Hugo for best novel. It doesn't read like a first novel. It's easily as good as his more mature works: tight, stylish, mythic, fun. The path from This Immortal to Lord of Light, Creatures of Light and Darkness and even the classic Amber series is abundantly clear. Highly recommended.

  • Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny (ibooks, Simon & Schuster, trade, May 2001, USA & Canada)
    This book, from 1969, is a bit of an oddity. It's a straightforward, mostly linear story (not really typical of Zelazny) about the last Hell's Angels in post-apocalyptic America. I can't recommend this one as highly as, say, The Dream Master, also recently reissued by ibooks. Damnation Alley is a fun quick read, but is far less interesting than most of his other work. There is an odd little injection of cerebral content right near the end of the book, where the author offers a 4-page meditation in one long sentence, but it's too little too late at that point. Ultimately, the book fails because there's no strong connection between the protagonist and the reader, and there is never really any doubt about the outcome. Apparently, someone turned this rather weak novel into a rather bad movie; I never saw it.

  • My Name is Legion by Roger Zelazny (Faber & Faber, hc, 1979, UK -- I picked up this edition in a second hand shop in London; Orbit also did an edition in the 1980s, but both are hard to find.)
    Well, sometimes you really cannot judge a book by its cover. This is a compilation of 3 shorter works involving the same character, all of which come together to form a solid little novel. The 3rd, "Home is the Hangman," won a Hugo in 1976 -- and it's not hard to see why. Brilliant storytelling, compelling character, this is Zelazny at his best. This book will make you realize how much the world has paled since losing Roger Zelazny 7 years ago...

(Books are listed alphabetically by author. Only books received are noted.)

New Arrivals & Forthcoming Books: June 2002
Going for Infinity: A Literary Journey by Poul Anderson
Tor (hc, 416 pages)
Publication date: 20 June 2002, USA & Canada
   Stories, novel excerpts, plus musings and reminiscences from the late Poul Anderson spanning his 60-year career.

Myth-ing Persons / Little Myth Marker by Robert Asprin
Ace (mm, 332 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada
   Third omnibus volume in Asprin's punning Myth series. These two novels were first published individually in 1984 and 85 respectively.

The Velocity Gospel (Accomplice, Book 2) by Steve Aylett
Victor Gollancz (trade, 131 pages)
Publication date: 31 May 2002, UK
   Next on my fiction reading list. Aylett is an author not to be missed.

The Fires of Merlin (The Lost Years of Merlin Epic, Book 3) by T.A. Barron
Ace (trade, 224 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada
reviewSF Site Review of Books 1 through 3

Roger Zelazny's The Dawn of Amber (New Amber Trilogy, Book 1) by John Gregory Betancourt
ibooks, Simon & Schuster (hc, 416 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 27 August 2002, USA & Canada

Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Diana L. Paxson
Roc (trade, 394 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

The Fall of Neskaya (The Clingfire Trilogy, Book 1) by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross
DAW (mm, 562 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

Lord Soho: A Time Opera by Richard Calder
Earthlight, Simon & Schuster (mm, 378 pages)
Publication date: 5 June 2002, UK

The Burning Heart of Night by Ivan Cat
DAW (mm, 592 pages)
Publication date: July 202, USA & Canada

Future Sports edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois
Ace (mm, 260 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada
   Previously published stories from Arthur C. Clarke, Kim Stanley Robinson, Michael Swanwick, Howard Waldrop, Jonathan Lethem, Alastair Reynolds, Ian McDonald, Robert Reed, Andrew Weiner and R. Neube.

Dorsai Spirit by Gordon R. Dickson
Tor (hc, 432 pages)
Publication date: 17 June 2002, USA & Canada
   Includes the novels Dorsai!(1988) and The Spirit of Dorsai (1979).

Sorcery Rising (Fool's Gold, Book 1) by Jude Fisher
DAW (hc, 470 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

A Walking Tour of the Shambles (Little Walks for Sightseers, #16) by Neil Gaiman & Gene Wolfe, with illustrations by Randy Broecker & Earl Geier
American Fantasy (trade, 64 pages)
Publication date: 2002, USA
   A walking tour of an historic Chicago neighbourhood. A "further questions" section at the end answers such queries as: "Why isn't this district better known?"; "Why do I feel that I am being followed?"; and "What possible pleasure could anyone find in murdering women and dissolving their bodies in acid?"

The Broecker Sampler: The Artwork of Randy Broecker compiled and introduced by Robert T. Garcia
American Fantasy (chapbook, 24 pages)
Publication date: April 2002, USA

Strange But Not a Stranger by James Patrick Kelly
Golden Gryphon Press (hc, 297 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): September 2002, USA

Outlaw Sword by J. Ardian Lee
Ace (trade, 310 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

Familiars edited by Denise Little
DAW (mm, 320 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada
   All new tales of animal familiars from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jody Lynn Nye, Aura Resnick, P.N. Elrod, Von Jocks, Jean Rabe, Andre Norton, Bill McCay, Laura Anne Gilman, Diane A.S. Stuckart, Gary A. Braunbeck, Susan Sizemore, Josepha Sherman, John Helfers, and Michelle West.

Never After by Rebecca Lickiss
Ace (mm, 266 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

Chindi by Jack McDevitt
Ace (hc, 403 pages)
Publication date: 2 July 2002, USA & Canada

Once Upon A Winter's Night by Dennis L. McKiernan
Roc (mm, 418 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada
reviewSF Site Review

The Metal Monster by A. Merritt
Hippocampus Press (trade, 237 pages)
Publication date: June 2002, USA
   First published in serial in 1920 and in a modified form in 1941.

The Fixer by Jon F. Merz
Pinnacle Books (mm, 352 pages)
Publication date: May 2002, USA & Canada
   A first novel involving vampires with guns.

Everyone in Silico by Jim Munroe
Four Walls Eight Windows (trade, 256 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): October 2002, USA

Circle at Center (The Seven Circles Trilogy, Book 1) by Douglas Niles
Ace (mm, 391 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

If Lions Could Speak and Other Stories by Paul Park
Cosmos Books, Wildside Press (trade, 194 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): October 2002, USA

Planet of the Apes: The Fall by William T. Quick
HarperEntertainment (mm, 280 pages)
Publication date: 4 June 2002, USA & Canada

Rabid Transit by the Ratbastards
Velocity Press (chapbook, 46 pages)
Publication date: May 2002, USA
   Stories by Christopher Barzak, Barth Anderson, Alan DeNiro, Kristin Livdahl.

The Disappeared by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Roc (mm, 375 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

Shadow Planet: Quest for Tomorrow by William Shatner
Eos, HarperCollins (hc, 336 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): November 2002, USA & Canada

Spec Ops Squad: Deep Strike by Rick Shelley
Ace (mm, 250 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

The Longest Way Home by Robert Silverberg
Victor Gollancz (hc & trade, 213 pages)
Publication date: 16 May 2002, UK

Worlds That Weren't novellas by Harry Turtledove, S.M. Stirling, Mary Gentle and Walter Jon Williams
Roc (hc, 295 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

The Veil of a Thousand Tears (The Pearl Saga, Book 2) by Eric Van Lustbader
Voyager, HarperCollins (hc, 630 pages)
Publication date: 7 May 2002, UK


Fantasy & Science Fiction, August 2002, USA & Canada
Contributors to this issue include: Richard Chwedyk, Michael Libling, Charles Coleman Finlay, M. Rickert, Robert Thurston, Harvey Jacobs.

Interzone, May 2002, UK
Contributors to this issue include: Molly Brown, Stephen Baxter, Nigel Atkinson, Timons Esaias, Martha A. Hood, Dominic Green.

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, June 2002, USA
Contributors to this issue include: Brian Conn, Steven Bratman, Barbara Krasnoff, Greg van Eekhout, Jeffrey Ford, Barbara Gilly, Geoffrey H. Goodwin, Amber van Dyk, Christopher Barzak, Charles Coleman Finlay.

Spectrum SF, May 2002, UK
Contributors to this issue include: Charles Stross, Neal Asher, Michael Coney & Eric Brown, Colin P. Davies, Josh Lacey.

Talebones, Spring 2002, USA & Canada
Contributors to this issue include: William Barton, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, James Van Pelt, James Sallis, Alexandra Arruin, Kenneth Brady, Ilsa J. Bick, Jack Slay, Jr., Joel Lane, G.O. Clark.

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