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New Arrivals
compiled by Neil Walsh

Some great summer reading has arrived in the SF Site in-box, including the latest from Ray Feist, Jack Vance, Alastair Reynolds, China Miéville and many more.

As for me, I've been reading...

    Only an Alligator and The Velocity Gospel, Accomplice, Books 1 & 2 by Steve Aylett (Victor Gollancz, trade, 2001 & May 2002 respectively, UK)

       Barny Juno is an average guy who has inadvertently drawn the unwanted attention of a powerful demon. Trouble is, Barny, being average, isn't the sharpest pencil in the box and so he's only vaguely aware of this little difficulty. But then, he's got bigger problems than vengeful demons; he's got trouble with his love life. And his job at he sorting office. Oh, and his home full of vicious predators (yes, including an alligator) is viewed as a threat by his neighbours. As is he. In fact, the corrupt mayor is basing his re-election campaign on turning the citizens of Accomplice against Barny. Demons from hell? Barny Juno is far too busy to worry about them!
       If you've read any of Aylett's Beerlight stories or novels, then you'll have a sense of what you'll be in for with Accomplice. If you haven't yet been exposed to Aylett's satirical surrealism, I strongly encourage you to give it a whirl; you may hate it utterly, but then you may bust a gut for laughing. Accomplice claims to be "the literary equivalent of digging a shallow hole, doing a headstand in it and claiming you're wearing the world as a hat." I'd say it's more like the literary equivalent of doing acid while on a tour of a foreign sanitarium. Never a dull moment on this trip.

(Books are listed alphabetically by author. Only books received are noted.)

New Arrivals & Forthcoming Books: July 2002
The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams
Macmillan UK (hc, 300 pages)
Publication date: June 2002, UK & Canada

Charisma by Steven Barnes
Tor (hc, 380 pages)
Publication date: 28 June 2002, USA & Canada

Shadows: Clan Lasombra Trilogy, Books 2 by Bruce Baugh
White Wolf (mm, 288 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

Shadows and Light by Anne Bishop
Roc (mm, 432 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 1 October 2002, USA & Canada

British Summertime by Paul Cornell
Victor Gollancz (hc & trade, 341 pages)
Publication date: 27 June 2002, UK

Conan the Liberator by L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter
Tor (hc, 254 pages)
Publication date: 21 June 2002, USA & Canada
   First published 1980.

The Green Man, Tales from the Mythic Forest edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
Viking (trade, 368 pages)
Publication date: 20 May 2002, USA & Canada

Regina's Song by David & Leigh Eddings
Ballantine Books (hc, 425 pages)
Publication date: 2 July 2002, USA & Canada

Pendragon by W. Barnard Faraday
Green Knight Publishing (trade, 288 pages)
Publication date: April 2002, USA & Canada & UK
   First published 1930.

Murder in LaMut: Legends of the Riftwar, Book 2 by Raymond E. Feist & Joel Rosenberg
Voyager, HarperCollins (hc, 324 pages)
Publication date: 5 June 2002, UK

Dark Ages: Nosferatu by Gherbod Fleming
White Wolf (mm, 288 pages)
Publication date: July 2002, USA & Canada

Nightmare: A Novel of the Silent Empire by Steven Harper
Roc (mm, 368 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 1 October 2002, USA & Canada

Across the Nightingale Floor: Tales of the Otori, Book 1 by Lian Hearn
Riverhead Books, Penguin Putnam (hc, 304 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): September 2002, USA

Shimmering Sword: Samurai, Western & Star Wars Sword Fighting by Nick Jamilla
NBK Publishing (trade, 267 pages)
Publication date: May 2002, USA

Castles Made of Sand by Gwyneth Jones
Victor Gollancz (hc & trade, 356 pages)
Publication date: 4 July 2002, UK
   Sequel to Bold as Love.

The Slaadikaar War: Earth-L Trilogy, Book 1 by Kevin Kinne
Writers Club, iUniverse (trade, 359 pages)
Publication date: 2000, USA & Canada
   Book 2, The Great Hunger of Destruction, was published in October 2001.

The Measure of the Universe by Ellen Larson
Saga SF, Savvy Press (trade, 108 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): August 2002, USA & UK & Canada
   A sort of SF twist on the Prometheus legend...

Luck of the Wheels by Megan Lindholm
Voyager, HarperCollins (mm, 408 pages)
Publication date: 1 July 2002, UK
   First published 1989.

Imagined Slights by James Lovegrove
Gollancz (trade, 276 pages)
Publication date: 20 June 2002, UK & Canada
   Collection of 13 short stories.

The Hope by James Lovegrove
Gollancz (trade, 229 pages)
Publication date: 20 June 2002, UK & Canada
   Lovegrove's first novel, first published in 1990.

The Star Wars Trilogy: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition by George Lucas, Donald F. Glut & James Kahn
Lucas Books, Ballantine (hc, 650 pages)
Publication date: 2 July 2002, USA & Canada

Terrapin Or by Tilper Manaday
Lithodendron (trade, 300 pages)
Publication date: May 2002, USA
   Full title: Terrapin or Captain Megaloman and his Trusty Sidekick Squidley Save the World Once Again. And really, what defence could you have against a title like that?

The Scar by China Miéville
Ballantine Books (trade, 639 pages)
Publication date: 2 July 2002, USA & Canada
reviewSF Site Review

The Red Church by Scott Nicholson
Pinnacle Horror (mm, 352 pages)
Publication date: June 2002, USA & Canada

Area 7 by Matthew Reilly
Pan Macmillan (mm, 578 pages)
Publication date: 5 July 2002, UK

Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds
Victor Gollancz (hc & trade, 567 pages)
Publication date: 4 July 2002, UK

Any Time At All by Chris Roberson
Clockwork Storybook (trade, 213 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 30 September 2002, USA

Transcendence: The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 2 by R.A. Salvatore
Del Rey, Ballantine (hc, 441 pages)
Publication date: 7 May 2002, USA & Canada

Earth: Final Conflict - Legacy by Glenn R. Sixbury
Tor (hc & trade, 336 pages)
Publication date: 19 June 2002, USA & Canada

Devil's Bargain by Judith Tarr
Roc (trade, 464 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 1 October 2002, USA & Canada

Alastor by Jack Vance
Orb, Tom Doherty Associates (trade, 479 pages)
Publication date: 12 July 2002, USA & Canada

Spirit Singer by Edward Willett
Earthling Press (trade, 152 pages)
Publication date: 2002, USA

The Praxis: Dread Empire's Fall, Book 1 by Walter Jon Williams
Earthlight (hc & trade, 418 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 7 October 2002, UK


Challenging Destiny, June 2002, Canada
Contributors to this issue include: David M. Switzer, Helen Rykens, E.L. Chen, James Viscosi, K.G. McAbee, Hugh Cook, plus an interview with Alison Sinclair.

Full Unit Hookup, Spring 2002, USA
Contributors to this debut issue include: Douglas Lain, Joe Murphy, Karen A. Romanko, Ed Lynskey, Robert Wexler, Beth Bernobich, and poetry from James Sallis, Lucy A. Snyder, Charles Coleman Finlay, Lorrain Schein, Mareen McHugh, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Roger Dutcher and Gavin J. Grant.

The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Spring 2002, USA
Contributors to this issue include: Marge Simon, Jennifer Crow, Ruth Berman, Eileen Kernaghan, Elizabeth A. Hardage, Tracina Jackson-Adams, Mark Rudolph, Mario Milosevic, Mark Rich, Duane Ackerson, John Grey, Charles M. Saplak, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Mike Allen, and Deborah J. Kolodji.

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