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New Arrivals
compiled by Neil Walsh

New arrivals at the SF Site office include new and forthcoming works from Harry Turtledove, Robert Newcomb, Charles de Lint, William Browning Spencer, Bruce Sterling, and a collection from Gardner Dozois. And, of course, much more besides.

But first, I'd like to highlight a couple of recent arrivals that I read and thoroughly enjoyed:

  • Spin by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor, hc, 364 pages, April 2005, USA & Canada)
        I think this is Wilson's best work yet. He's always been good at devising cool ideas to keep you reading -- certainly the case here too -- but in this novel the writing itself is even sharper than ever. One night the stars go out. We soon discover that the earth has been enveloped in some kind of cosmic sack, while sunlight is somehow artificially simulated and the influence of the moon on the tides is still in effect. Then we find that time outside this barrier is passing at a vastly different rate. In fact, we seem to have only about 40 years left before our sun will expire. How do we deal with what may be our final years on Earth?
    reviewSF Site Review
  • Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman (William Morrow, hc, 336 pages, November 2005, USA & Canada)
        I found this to be lighter than much of Gaiman's work. Gaiman often displays a wicked sense of humour, but in this novel there is, more than ever, a real sense of fun on display. Fat Charlie Nancy is the son of Anansi, the trickster spider god. But he only finds this out at his father's funeral. And he's not entirely convinced. Then he meets the brother he never even knew existed, who seems to have inherited their dad's trickster nature and supernatural abilities. Fat Charlie's brother moves in to stay, throwing life into turmoil for Fat Charlie and putting at risk his job, his freedom, his relationship with his fiancée, and his life.
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(Books are listed alphabetically by author. Only books received are noted.)

New Arrivals & Forthcoming Books: Mid-January 2006
Fell Cargo by Dab Abnett
Warhammer, Black Library (mm, 355 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): March 2006, USA & Canada

The Thousandfold Thought: The Prince of Nothing, Book 3 by R. Scott Bakker
Penguin Canada (trade, 510 pages)
Publication date: 9 January 2006, Canada
reviewSF Site Review of Book 2, The Warrior-Prophet

Touch the Dark by Karen Chance
Roc (trade, 300 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 6 June 2006, USA & Canada

Rama II by Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee
Gollancz (mm, 496 pages)
Publication date: 12 January 2006, UK

The Telling Pool by David Clement-Davies
Amulet Books (hc, 360 pages)
Publication date: October 2005, USA & Canada

Triskell Tales 2 by Charles de Lint
Subterranean Press (hc, 176 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 25 April 2005, USA

The Cosmic Puppets by Philip K. Dick
Gollancz (trade, 143 pages)
Publication date: 12 January 2006, UK

One Million A.D. edited by Gardner Dozois
Science Fiction Book Club (hc, 399 pages)
Publication date: 23 December 2005, USA
    Six original novellas from Robert Reed, Robert Silverberg, Nancy Kress, Alastair Reynolds, Charles Stross and Greg Egan.

Star Brigade: First Renaissance by C.C. Ekeke
Trafford (trade, 519 pages)
Publication date: December 2005, Canada & USA & UK & Ireland

The Myth Hunters by Christopher Golden
Bantam Spectra (trade, 351 pages)
Publication date: 7 February 2006, USA & Canada

Chainfire by Terry Goodkind
Voyager, HarperCollins (mm, 740 pages)
Publication date: 6 February 2006, UK

DC Universe: Last Sons by Alan Grant
Warner Books (mm, 336 pages)
Publication date: February 2006, USA & Canada

Mindscape by Andrea Hairston
Aqueduct Press (trade, 456 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): March 2006, USA

The Town That Forgot How to Breathe by Kenneth J. Harvey
St. Martin's Press (hc, 475 pages)
Publication date: 18 October 2005, USA

The Complete Chronicles of Conan by Robert E. Howard
Victor Gollancz (hc, 927 pages)
Publication date: 19 January 2006, UK

Already Dead by Charlie Huston
Del Rey, Ballantine (trade, 273 pages)
Publication date: 3 January 2006, USA & Canada

Prodigy by Dave Kalstein
Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press (hc, 322 pages)
Publication date: 3 January 2006, USA & Canada

Dusk by Tim Lebbon
Bantam Spectra (trade, 387 pages)
Publication date: 7 February 2006, USA & Canada

The Deep Blue Alibi by Paul Levine
Bantam (mm, 470 pages)
Publication date: 7 February 2006, USA & Canada

The House of Storms by Ian R. MacLeod
Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster (mm, 458 pages)
Publication date: 6 February 2006, UK
reviewSF Site Review

Savage Messiah: The Destinies of Blood and Stone, Book 1 by Robert Newcomb
Del Rey, Ballantine (hc, 577 pages)
Publication date: 3 January 2006, USA & Canada

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik
Del Rey, Ballantine (mm, 384 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): April 2006, USA & Canada

Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time by Michael Parziale
Nightengale Press (trade, 235 pages)
Publication date: December 2005, USA

Headstone City by Tom Piccirilli
Bantam Spectra (mm, 305 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 28 February 2006, USA & Canada

Living Next Door to the God of Love by Justina Robson
Bantam Spectra (trade, 454 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 28 March 2006, USA & Canada

Bitten & Smitten by Michelle Rowen
Warner (mm, 392 pages)
Publication date: 1 January 2006, USA & Canada

Flashfire: Starfist, Book 11 by David Sherman & Dan Cragg
Del Rey, Ballantine (hc, 324 pages)
Publication date: 7 February 2006, USA & Canada

The Painter by Adam Sigal
Llumina Press (trade, 200 pages)
Publication date: 2005, USA

The Ocean and All Its Devices stories by William Browning Spencer
Subterranean Press (hc, 200 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 1 June 2006, USA

A Secret Atlas: Age of Discovery, Book 1 by Michael A. Stackpole
Bantam Spectra (mm, 605 pages)
Publication date: 7 February 2006, USA & Canada

Visionary in Residence stories by Bruce Sterling
Thunder's Mouth Press (trade, 320 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 10 April 2006, USA

The Shadewell Shenanigans: The Illmoor Chronicles, Book 3 by David Lee Stone
Hodder Children's Books (trade, 278 pages)
Publication date: 2005, UK

The Dwellings Debacle: The Illmoor Chronicles, Book 4 by David Lee Stone
Hodder Children's Books (hc, 277 pages)
Publication date: January 2006, UK

In High Places by Harry Turtledove
Tor (hc, 270 pages)
Publication date: 6 January 2006, USA & Canada

Resurrection of Liberty by Michael L. Wentz
Novalibre (hc, 339 pages)
Publication date: 6 October 2005, USA & Canada

Star Wars: Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn
Del Rey, Ballantine (hc, 453 pages)
Publication date: 7 February 2006, USA & Canada


Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, #4, Winter 2005, USA
Contributors to this issue include: Bryan Smith, Tom Piccirilli, Eugie Foster, J.A. Konrath, Phill Jones, Jennifer Pelland, Christine W. Murphy, Nancy Fulda, Bryn Sparks.

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