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New Arrivals
compiled by Neil Walsh

This time featuring the latest from Charles de Lint, Juliet E. McKenna, Peter F. Hamilton, S.C. Butler, Eric Brown, Steven Erikson, plus the Nebula Awards Showcase, Stories in Honour of Jack Vance, and plenty more.

(Books are listed alphabetically by author. Only books received are noted.)

New & Forthcoming Books - April 2009
Primeval: Extinction Event by Dan Abnett
Titan Books (hc, 285 pages)
Publication date: January 2009, UK & USA & Canada
    Based on the BBC TV series, which was actually a lot of fun. Time travel paradoxes and dinosaurs in modern London. - nw

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast by Aaron Allston
Lucas Books, Del Rey (hc, 336 pages)
Publication date: 24 March 2009, USA & Canada

A Survey of My Failures This Far by Gabriel Chad Boyer
Mutable Sound (trade, 952 pages)
Publication date: 10 April 2009, USA

Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford
Disney, Hyperion (hc, 360 pages)
Publication date: 3 March 2009, USA
    For ages 10 and up.

The Frankenstein Murders by Kathlyn Bradshaw
Cormorant Books (trade, 313 pages)
Publication date: 2008, Canada

Kethani by Eric Brown
Solaris (mm, 427 pages)
Publication date: April 2009, USA & Canada

Xenopath: A Bengal Station Novel by Eric Brown
Solaris (mm, 415 pages)
Publication date: 2009, UK
reviewSF Site Review of Bengal Station

The Magicians' Daughter: The Stoneways Trilogy, Book 3 by S.C. Butler
Tor (hc, 448 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): May 2009, USA & Canada

The Last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl
HarperVoyager (mm, 424 pages)
Publication date: 5 March 2009, UK
reviewSF Site Review

The Valley of Shadows by Brian Cullen
Tor (hc, 366 pages)
Publication date: 17 February 2009, USA & Canada
    Sequel to Seekers of the Chalice.

Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 edited by Ellen Datlow
Roc (trade, 436 pages)
Publication date: 1 April 2009, USA & Canada

American Insurrection by Shawn Davis & Robert Moore
iUniverse (trade, 441 pages)
Publication date: January 2008, USA

The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint
Tor (hc, 272 pages)
Publication date: 13 March 2009, USA & Canada

Acacia by David Anthony Durham
Bantam Books (mm, 687 pages)
Publication date: 26 March 2009, UK
reviewSF Site Review

Toll the Hounds: Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book 8 by Steven Erikson
Bantam Books (trade, 1,295 pages)
Publication date: 2009, UK
reviewSF Site Review of Book 7, Reaper's Gale

Fragment by Warren Fahy
Harper (trade, 490 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 25 June 2009, UK

Wrath of a Mad God: The Darkwar, Book 3 by Raymond E. Feist
HarperVoyager (mm, 516 pages)
Publication date: 5 March 2009, UK
reviewSF Site Review

Troy: Fall of Kings by David Gemmell & Stella Gemmell
Ballantine Books (trade, 447 pages)
Publication date: 24 March 2009, USA

The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton
Subterranean Press (hc, 909 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): November 2009, USA
reviewSF Site Review

The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton
Del Rey, Ballantine (hc, 723 pages)
Publication date: 31 March 2009, USA & Canada
reviewSF Site Review of The Dreaming Void

Buyout by Alexander C. Irvine
Del Rey, Ballantine (trade, 321 pages)
Publication date: 31 March 2009, USA & Canada

Black and White by Jackie Kessler & Caitlin Kittredge
Bantam Spectra (trade, 464 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 23 June 2009, USA & Canada

Deluge: The Twins of Petaybee, Book 3 by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Corgi Books (mm, 352 pages)
Publication date: 12 March 2009, UK

Irons in the Fire: Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution, Book 1 by Juliet E. McKenna
Solaris (mm, 623 pages)
Publication date: April 2009, USA & Canada

The Amazing, Incredible, Shrinking Colossal, Bikini-Crazed Creature From the Public Domain by E. Mitchell
Outskirts Press (trade, 116 pages)
Publication date: January 2009, USA

Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch
Demand Publications (hc, 350 pages)
Publication date: April 2009, USA & Canada

The Prometheus Project: Trapped by Douglas E. Richards
DNA Press (trade, 140 pages)
Publication date: 2006, USA
    YA SF adventure.

The Prometheus Project: Captured by Douglas E. Richards
Nareta Publishing, DNA Press (trade, 160 pages)
Publication date: 2007, USA

Hell's Horizon: The City, Book 2 by A.B. Shan
HarperVoyager (trade, 389 pages)
Publication date: March 2009, UK

What Happened to the Indians by Terence Shannon
Shannon Books (trade, 250 pages)
Publication date: 2000, USA

Collected Stories by Lewis Shiner
Subterranean Press (hc, 496 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 30 November 2009, USA

Midwinter by Matthew Sturges
Pyr, Prometheus Books (trade, 345 pages)
Publication date: 17 March 2009, USA

Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance edited by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois
Subterranean Press (hc, 632 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 30 September 2009, USA

Pollen and the Ring of Harmony by Francis T. Perry Williams
Emerald Book Co. (trade, 298 pages)
Publication date: February 2009, USA

The Third Sign by Gregory A. Wilson
Five Star (hc, 352 pages)
Publication date (forthcoming): 17 June 2009, USA


Interzone, No. 221, March-April 2009, UK, edited by Andy Cox, et al.
Contributors to this issue include: Will McIntosh, Al Robertson, Matthew Kressel, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Paul M. Berger, Bruce Sterling, plus an interview with Bruce Sterling.

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