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Thanks for stopping by!
In all likelihood, you linked here via my husband, author Charles de Lint.
I'm delighted to have you visit.

The de Lint/Harris Duo
Let me give you a bit of history about Charles and myself. Charles and I met in 1974 and married in 1980. I told the story of our meeting in the foreword of his book TRISKELL TALES. We're lovers, best friends, fellow musicians, artists and business colleagues. Sounds sort of joined-at-the-hip, doesn't it, but we also pursue separate interests.

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I enjoy social activities, while he basks in the quiet and comfort of home. I'm easily distracted and he's focused. Somehow, we seem to complement one another. I aspire to his discipline and he seems to enjoy my spontaneity. Hey, it's been working for all these years.

The Writing Biz
I'm Charles's first editor and business manager. I've also done cover art for several of his books. I handle all business enquiries regarding his work (including appearance invitations and travel logistics). If you have a question along these lines, please contact me at

Photo by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Charles and I love music, especially live concerts. As musicians ourselves, we write/play our own original songs - mostly Americana, or alt-country "roots" music. We also write instrumentals, including some traditional Celtic music. Besides our original songs, our repertoire includes covers of songs by the likes of Tom Russell, Calexico, Fred Eaglesmith, Steve Earle and other fine songwriters. Charles's main instruments are vocals and guitar, flute, fiddle and whistles, while mine are mandolin, guitar, vocals and bodhran (Irish drum). Click our CDs for sample tracks and ordering info.

The lovely cover art for our CDs was a gift from master jeweller and artist, Michael Babinki, who owns and operates at wonderful store in Depoe Bay, Oregon, called Things Rich and Strange.

Photo by David Dyer-Bennett

Here are samples of my art.

Bye for Now
Thanks for visiting and do check back in soon. May you give and receive plenty of love in your life, and please remember to take care of one another. Shine the light.


Charles de Lint
Be sure to visit Charles.
If you're not yet familiar with his work, well lucky you!
You're in for a treat.

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