MaryAnn Harris

Thanks for stopping by. You may have arrived here because of your interest in my art, music, or my passion for beautiful collectibles (see below: Reclectica). Perhaps you linked here via my husband, author Charles de Lint. However you got here, I'm delighted to have you visit.

The de Lint/Harris Duo

Charles and I met in 1974 and married in 1980. I told the story of our meeting in the foreword of his book TRISKELL TALES.

We're lovers, best friends, fellow musicians, artists and business colleagues. Sounds sort of joined-at-the-hip, doesn't it, but we also pursue separate interests.

I'm a bit of a social butterfly, while he basks in the quiet and comfort of home. I'm easily distracted and he's focused. Somehow, we seem to complement one another. I aspire to his discipline and he seems to enjoy my spontaneity. Hey, it's been working for all these years.

The Writing Biz

I handle business enquiries regarding Charles' work (including convention invitations & logistics), so if you have a question along these lines, please contact me at

On the creative side, I'm first editor on Charles' manuscripts, and I help him correct galleys when time permits. I've also done cover art for some of his books, an area that I'd like to pursue further.

To learn more about Charles and his writing, please visit his Web site via the link I've provided at the bottom of this page. I want you to stick with me for a bit before going off to visit him.


Charles and I love music and frequently attend concerts by our many favourite performers. We're musicians ourselves, and can be found on Thursday nights playing our hearts out at Patty's Pub on Bank Street here in Ottawa. We perform our own original songs and instrumentals, as well as traditional Celtic music, and we cover contemporary songs by the likes of Fred Eaglesmith, Steve Earle, Chris Knight, Mike Plume, Julie Miller and many other fine songwriters.

Charles' main instruments are vocals and guitar, flute, fiddle and whistles, while mine are mandolin, guitar, vocals and bodhran (Irish drum). We're almost always accompanied by our excellent comrade and fiddler extraordinaire, Don Fletcher, and we frequently have the pleasure of excellent harmonies from Kenny Heins and great guitar licks from Jon "Mad Dog" Caven.

A CD is in the works. If you join Charles' mailing list via the link at the bottom of this page, we'll tell you when it's available.

If you come to see us at the pub, and we hope you will, please introduce yourselves!!! Charles has the greatest readers imaginable, and we love to meet you, so don't be shy. And bring books if you'd like them signed. That's A-okay with us.


I've always revelled in scouting out flea markets, rummage sales, antique shops and so on. Charles is a treasure collector too, and our house overfloweth, hence the emergence of my alter ego Reclectica, whereby I "redistribute" some of my lovely acquisitions via eBay.

Friends and family tell me I have Reclectica radar, a knack for spotting the exceptional. There's truth in that, but I also get the impression that the extraordinary seems to love finding me.

My collection includes jewellery, clothing, and marvelous objets d'art to beautify everyday life. Vintage and mythical items are my favourite things to find, but my tastes run wide. I love the old, the elegant, and the unusual, including exotic things from far-off lands. I occasionally list rare books, too.

Given the ebb & flow of daily life, I can't always auction things, so I keep a private mailing list to let friends know when new items are being offered. Addresses are obscured to prevent spam, and folks on the list get a brief message noting auction titles and a link. If you'd like to be on my Reclectica mailing list, please drop me a note at

Click on the store to check out my current offerings.

Art Links

Here are samples of my art. I haven't included sections for all the media I've worked in, but will add more as time permits.

Photo Links

Here are some personal photos. Hope you enjoy them.

Bye for Now

Thanks for visiting and do check back in soon. May you give and receive plenty of love in your life, and please remember to take care of one another. Shine the light.



P.S. Now, please don't forget to visit Charles de Lint. If you're not yet familiar with his work, well lucky you! You're in for a tremendous reading experience. Here's a link to subscribe to Charles' mailing list.

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