The setting. Our wilderness lake from atop the mountain at the far end.
Our place is beside the (white dot) cottage on the righthand side.

The lake in autumn, taken from the mountain across from us.

Our old "cottage" kind of looked like the bus ran
into the shack (kitchen) and then they put a roof on it!

Seventeen sweet summers in this.

For a look at the good old days in the bus, click here.

Where the bus once was, here are the
footings (Techno-posts) for the new cottage.
Odd looking, but made to withstand frost heaving.

Spring has arrived.
First floor, here we go.

And up one more!
We've just arrived to check it out. Holy smokes,
it's high up here, and way bigger than we'd imagined!
Is this a hotel?

Second floor without side walls - vertigo!

View from Charles' writing window.
Will he get anything done???

A man and his castle.

Roof is on, windows are in.
Post & beam porch is taking shape

Johnny obviously likes the new place, and he has a cutie-pie girlfriend right next door.

A bit of context..

A temporary set of stairs whipped up by our
bro-in-law Barry is so much better than a ladder.

Paddy & buddy Brad hard at work.

Our first music session on the porch - FUN!

Installing cedar tongue & groove on the porch wall.

Handsome Paddy.

Drywall installed in Charles' writing space.

Staining the window trim.
No, we don't have matching aprons...same apron, different days.

Installing luan underlay on top of the plywood.

Cedar tongue & groove around porch exterior.

Hey! A surprise "M!" Aw, sweet!
(Apparently "C" was too complicated to do.)

Happy man!

Walls are painted, floor installed. Check out Charles' writing space.

Looking from his "office" toward our bedroom (open concept).

At last, a guestroom!

Upper hallway and the dreaded ladder.

Yay, here come the stairs.

Six (count 'em) six coats of varathane on that luan floor.
(Between painting and that, no wonder I got carpal tunnel syndrome.)

Look at all that room!
We'll fill it up before you know it.

Marcel sets the last little piece of Canexel in the front peak.

Siding going up on west side.

East side will get a little porch & stairs when we can afford it.

We moved in over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend,
at the height of autumn splendour.

Still lots to do.
Running water would be nice,
as would kitchen cabinets, sinks, etc.

Plenty of room for making music indoors or on that porch.

Yep, we've filled it!

Couldn't bear to part with our old Moffat stove.
Now it's just a quirky decoration (and Clare's feeding station).

Settled right in.

Crazy quilt cottage.

Clare playing peekaboo.


Cozy and comfortable.

Our nest.

Her nest.

Islands and fall foliage.

Morning mist. otter!

Whoops...he sees me. Surprise!

See ya later, little buddy.

One of many beautiful sunsets over the lake.

Hiking during hunting season...wear blaze or risk getting shot!

Johnny Cash in his red bandanna.


Our mountain, suddenly transformed, still beautiful.

This place is Paradise.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

So many heroes have pitched in in endless ways to support this project.

Bro-in-law, Ric Stoness, of Westport Design Centre, designed the cottage plan.
Sweet sister Jane cheered us on and helped us move in.

Brother Paddy designed the fab porch. He and buddy Brad built not only that, but so much more.

Sister Lynn & her husband Barry housed us for months and fed us "Sunday dinner every night!"
Barry, a superb craftsman, made stringers for stairs and did all kinds of other meticulous stuff.

Brother Jim's research and steady enthusiasm drove the whole project.
He found us bargain materials, drove us back & forth to Maniwaki and was nothing short of amazing.

There are others, too many to mention, but you know who you are.

To everyone who helped out...
We love and appreciate you all. Thank you!