Now just a sweet memory...kitchen demolished and bus towed away.
Although it was the weirdest place to buy, we had 17 years of great fun there.
Thanks to Lisa, who prodded and helped us to paint the old yellow bus (and cabin) green.
Despite the use of fans, that old bus heated up in the sunshine, making for a couple of fried computers.
Charles will not miss that; he's earned his fabulous new writing space.

Our raft has a motor on it--poor man's version of a pontoon boat.

Kind of looks like the bus ran into the shack and then they put a roof on it!

Our little old kitchen

View from the porch

Beautiful Lac Caya

Our funny little kitchen with the old Moffat stove.

Looking toward the bus

Our old gypsy bus.
When we bought this place, the "furniture" was all made of bus seats.

Our itty-bitty bedroom with its "porte d'urgence" exit door

View from kitchen window

View of our wilderness lake from atop the mountain at the far end.
Our bus was beside the (white dot) cottage on the righthand side.
Love the crow flying in this picture.

Our little jewel of a lake in autumn, taken from the mountain across from us.