Here are a bunch of photos for you curious types.
My apologies for not crediting photographers during this interim update.

Our kooky home-away-from-home, in the wilds of Quebec.

Our raft has a small motor built onto it,
so we can take lazy raft rides around the lake!

Our beautiful lake, seen from atop the mountain at the end of the lake.

A cute cottage visitor.

With the amazing Pierre Schryer.

In College Station, TX.

At a session in MacDonald's Corners, Ontario.

With my darling boy at Kingsmere in Gatineau Park.

Also at Kingsmere.

In Cobourg, Ontario.

Also in Cobourg.

With Glenn and Lorraine's dog, Keiko, celebrating Canada Day!

With Tom Wilson, after a concert on the Sparks St. Mall here in Ottawa.

With the brilliant Fred Eaglesmith, whom I didn't want to let go of.

With members of Los Super Seven (also Los Lobos) in Austin, TX.

Our cat, Clare, sweetness herself.

Looking after some filing.

Lazing in her favourite chair.

Posing as an ornament, but being very naughty.