Soft Sculptures

In the early '80s I spent a month at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts taking a series of week-long courses: Navaho weaving; clay sculpture, natural basketry; and soft sculpture. I discovered that the weaver's patience is something to be greatly admired but not a part of my mindset (my half finished little carpet is still on the loom Charles built for me); clay sculpture was something I loved and long to return to; basketry is also wonderful and gives you a new eye when walking through the woods (what an incredible basket can be woven around that strange old root!); but it was soft sculpture that really reached out and grabbed me. My instructor, Jane Buckles, is a fabulous artist whose soft sculptures and fabric mache sculptures are simply delightful. She taught a course filled with humour and great technical instruction. I went on to sew many whimsical little people and animals over the years and even created landscape environments for some of them.

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