"I know for certain that the world's a strange and mysterious place with more to it than most of us will ever see or experience..."

It's time for a new generation to hit Newford's streets, so here's your introduction to Imogene and her best friend Maxine, a couple of outcasts at Redding High who find that getting pushed around by the other kids in school is the least of their worries. You'll find a cameo or two from old stalwarts, but mostly these are new faces and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the stories they had to tell. I hope you do, too.

The Blue Girl (Viking books) is my first YA novel since 1991's The Dreaming Place. Cover art by Cliff Nielsen.


"Red Dog chasing, Jackalope..."

It was supposed to be another novella, around the length of Seven Wild Sisters, but by the time I turned it in, this visit with the musical Dillard twins had become a 60,000 word novel. It's crammed full of some of the things I love the best - music, mythic visitors, and the Sonoran Desert; was written to a soundtrack of loping guitars and Mariachi horns; and features characters that I so fell in love with, I never wanted the book to end.

If you have half as much fun reading it as I did researching and writing it, I'll be content.

This Subterranean Press edition (the only edition planned at the moment) has a number of wonderful illustrations by my pal Charles Vess. More information, including a peek at some of the interior art and an except, can be found here.

And speaking of Subterranean Press and Charles Vess, both are involved in the upcoming limited edition 20th anniversary edition of Moonheart which will be published later in 2004. (Yes, it really has been twenty years since it first came out.) You can get more information about it here.


Here are the covers for three more recent or upcoming titles.

The Wild Wood is the first paperback appearance - not to mention the first reprint, period - of this 1994 novel (Orb/Tor Books; cover by Stephen T. Johnson).

The audio version of Spirits in the Wires is my first audio book and I'm delighted to finally have something available in this format; it's in MP3 format, unabridged, and read by Christine Marshall & William Dufrais who do a wonderful job. It should be available from your favourite book store but you can also order a disc version or download it directly from the publisher (Paperback Digital; cover by Jason B. Parker).

Quicksilver & Shadow is the second volume of my early short story collections. It focuses on the early contemporary, dark fantasy and science fiction stories, and it finally brings all of my Bordertown stories together in one place. You can get more information about it here (Subterranean Press; cover by MaryAnn Harris).

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