As I've mentioned before and elsewhere, I find it difficult to talk at any length about the current work-in-progress. The reason for this has nothing to with a lack of desire to share and everything to do with my writing process. I write in a very organic manner, discovering many of the characters and events of the story as I go along. In other words, I write much as a reader reads a book, though naturally it's a much slower process for me - unless you're a very slow reader indeed. If I talk about the story, I lose interest in the elements I've spoken of and feel obliged to change them (not necessarily for the better) in the text of the book.

Of course, I don't go blindly into a project as long as a novel. I have characters in mind (though not always their voices), themes I wish to pursue (though not always how they will specifically be addressed), and I know the feeling I want to leave with the reader at the end of the book (though not always how we will get there).

In the case of the current novel, I can tell you that it that deals with Latin American healers, displaced Irish genius loci, winter, creativity and other unrelated elements. The working title is Little Forests of the Heart.

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