He shows that, far from being escapism, contemporary fantasy can be the deep mythic literature of our time.
- Fantasy & Science Fiction

There is no better writer now than Charles de Lint at bringing out the magic in contemporary life...The best of the post King fantasists, the one with the clearest vision of the possibilities of magic in a modern setting.
- Orson Scott Card

Charles de Lint is a folksinger as well as a writer and it is this voice we hear...both old and new, lyric, longing, touched by magic.
- Jane Yolen

Mr. de Lint's handling of ancient folklore to weave an entirely new pattern has never, to my knowledge, been equalled.
- Andre Norton

De Lint's touch is deft and clean in a genre choked with tin eared dialogue and warmed over Dunsany and Tolkien. His narrative has the deceptive simplicity and tension of Alan Garner.
- Parke Godwin

He has a unique ability to weave together a seamless pattern of magic and realism.
- Library Journal

You open a de Lint story, and like the interior of a very genial Pandora's box, the atmosphere is suddenly full of deep woods and quaint city streets and a magic that's nowhere near so far removed as Middle Earth.
- James P. Blaylock

One of the most original fantasy writers currently working.
- Booklist

With The Little Country Charles de Lint has escalated from fine writer to writer of classics.
- Gordon R. Dickson

One of the most gifted storytellers writing fantasy today.
- Locus

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