I'm very pleased to announce that Subterranean Press, who did such a lovely job with The Buffalo Man chapbook, is now undertaking a new project with me.

Every year at Christmas time I write a short story for MaryAnn that I publish in chapbook form through my Triskell Press imprint. I've been doing this for twenty-two years now; the earliest stories were printed in editions of only one copy. It wasn't long before we decided to share the chapbooks as a Christmas gift for friends and family. In recent years, the stories have been reprinted in magazines, convention program books and my own short story collections - but their first breath of life has always been in chapbook form.

Along the way, I've had a few small press publishers offer to do a limited edition collection of these stories, but the time never felt right until now. MaryAnn and I thought that it would be fun to celebrate the millennium with a hardcover edition of all the chapbook stories to date.

This is where Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press comes in. I like Bill's publishing philosophy. He prints the amount he says he will and he keeps the cost down for the reader. He also does a bang-up job in terms of production values.

Many of the earlier stories have never been reprinted. Some of the chapbooks also contained poetry that has seen very limited publication or none whatsoever. (One chapbook, about our first magical visit to the Tuscon area, was all poetry with a couple of transcribed fiddle tunes that I wrote.) We're also including a few other items, such as a pair of short stories commissioned by our local community newspaper, one of which was a collaboration with MaryAnn. And to top it off, MaryAnn has agreed to provide a full-colour painting for the cover, along with several b&w interior illustrations.

Triskell Tales: 22 Years of Chapbooks will be available in the fall of this year.

For ordering information, contact:

Subterranean Press
P.O. Box 190106
Burton, MI 48519

Or visit their homepage at:

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