The hardcover edition of Trader was published by Tor Books in January, 1997; the mass market edition will be published in February, 1998, along with the hardcover of Someplace to Be Flying . Macmillan published the hardcover U.K. edition in August, 1997.

Trader is set in Newford and environs and deals with an instrument maker named Max Trader who wakes up one morning in somebody else’s body--that of Johnny Devlin, a local smalltime conman. Max’s body is inhabited by Johnny, who finds the change both welcome and convenient. The novel explores the question of identity: to what degree our identity relies on our own physical body, and how others’ perceptions of us affect who we really are. Trader will reacquaint readers with some of their favourite Newford characters and introduce a few new ones along the way.

For those who want to read a few pages, check out the Tor Books site where an excerpt of the first few chapters is now available. The same section was also published in the World Horror Convention Program Book in May, 1996.

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