Charles de Lint
Tucson Festival of Books

Saturday, March 14th

Signing at Bookmans
(Main Tent, University of AZ Mall)

Signing at Mysterious Galaxy Books
(Booth 81& 82, University of AZ Mall)

Sunday, March 15th

Charles de Lint Presentation
Exploring the Outsider in Fantasy Fiction
(Target Tent, University of AZ Mall)

My work often deals with the outsider: the disenfranchised, homeless, outlaws or artists; those with the wrong skin color, religion, sexual orientation or social status. In the animal world, they're the crows and the coyotes. But at the heart of everything I write is the idea of respect, and a sense of hope that there's a way out of the darkness. (Audience Q & A toward the end.)

(Children's autographing area)

Panel Discussion: Charles de Lint, Janni Lee Simner, Laurie Brooks
Writing Fantasy for Teens
(Room 353, College of Education)

Three authors of fantasy for teens will explore their writing processes and the ways in which they create fantasy worlds that come alive for readers.

Concert: Charles de Lint & MaryAnn Harris
(Adolescent Entertainment Stage)