The Weirdin are a set of 61 two-sided flat round discs with an image carved on either side and were created from Celtic symbolism and folklore sources when I was writing my novel Moonheart. They are used in conjunction with a reading cloth and their meaning depends on their interrelationships and placement on the cloth. While writing Moonheart, I decided to make my own (rudimentary) set to test the Weirdin out; in fact, I used them to direct the journey and outcome for some of the bookís characters.

Iíve been planning to offer a physical rendition of them for a long time now and I maintain a name and address list for those who would like me to contact them when they do become available. However, to make things a little easier (at least from our end), rather than sending an email request, you can now simply sign up below. Please note that you will receive a confirmation of your subscription, but subsequent mailings will be far and few between--at least until we actually have some news.

If you've already asked to be notified about the Weirdin in previous correspondence, you can still subscribe to this newsletter, but you might get two mailings when something is actually sent out.

And naturally, unsubscribing should be just as painless as subscribing. Just come back here, fill in your email address,check "Unsubscribe," and hit return.

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The Weirdin are protected under international copyright in my name. Any manufacturing or licensing requests should be directed to me.

For a more thorough description of the Weirdin, please refer to the appendix in Moonheart.

Please note that if you want to contact me directly, send me an email. The above box only subscribes you to the Weirdin newsletter.

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