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SF Site Readers' Choice: Best Read of 2000

Vote For Your Favourite Books of the Year

by Neil Walsh

Well, I could make some disparaging comments about the whole democratic process, citing certain elections of this past autumn, but I trust you'll forgive me if I refrain from taking the obvious cheap shots. Instead, let me encourage you to vote for something you really believe in: good reading!

SF Site's 3rd annual Readers' Choice: Best Read of the Year top 10 list will be unveiled right here in the SF Insite column -- or at least, we hope it will. But first we need you to vote for your choices. Really, we can't do this without you. Well, ok we can, and we will, but that's our contributors' top 10 list; it's not the Readers' Choice list. For the Readers' Choice, we actually do need your participation. It's easy and it's fun.

Same rules apply as for previous years: you (singular) vote for the 10 books you most enjoyed reading this year, we'll compile the results and reveal how you (plural) voted. You (singular and plural) can vote for anything at all -- novels, collections, anthologies, non-fiction, translations to English, new books, reprints, re-releases -- as long as the books you vote for meet these two criteria:

  1. they must be genre-related (i.e., somehow associated with SF or Fantasy); and
  2. they must have been released somewhere in the world, in English, in 2000.
And yes, horror counts if it's in any way associated with SF or Fantasy (as much of horror is). If you're not sure about a title, just add it to your list anyhow. We're all genre readers here, and we should all know well enough what we consider to be speculative fiction; last year I didn't have to disqualify any title that someone voted for, and I don't expect I'll need to do so this year either.

Bearing all this in mind, here are the complete rules...


  • In an e-mail, list up to 10 of your favourite books of 2000, in order, with your top choice as #1, etc.  Remember to clearly indicate which is your top choice. If you didn't read 10 good books this year (and that would be a tragedy), feel free to choose fewer than 10.
  • Remember to list the title and author for each of your choices.
  • E-mail your list to editor@sfsite.com with "Vote" in the subject line. (I promise you that if the subject line reads "Earn Money at Home!!!" your votes will not be counted!)
  • Each voter may vote one time only -- for up to 10 books. NO BALLOT STUFFING, PLEASE! If you try to cheat, the odds are very good we will catch you (it's easier to spot than you might think), and if we do, all your votes will be disqualified.
  • Deadline for voting is 15 January 2001 14 February 2001. (Polls close at 11:59 p.m. EST.)
    Note: The Deadline has been extended to 14 February 2001
In the Mid-February issue of SF Site, we'll provide you with the results of the SF Site Best Read of 2000 top 10 list, as chosen by the SF Site editors and contributors. In the March issue, we'll post the results of the Readers' Choice top 10 for 2000 so you can compare. If you're curious to see how things turned out in previous years, we invite you to have a look...
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Because your choices are not limited to a short list of nominations, you may want to refresh your memory regarding which books appeared in 2000, thus making them eligible for your vote. We don't have a complete list, but a good starting point is the archive of our New Books columns. This is in no way meant to represent all the eligible titles; it's only a bit of a refresher.

Go to a partial overview of...

The Books of 2000

Copyright © 2000 by Neil Walsh

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