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Babylon 5.1
by Rick Norwood

What to watch on TV in June? Nothing at all. Choose a good book and head for the beach. (I recommend the Long Sun -- Short Sun series by Gene Wolfe, now available in omnibus volumes from SF Book Club. While you're there, pick up H. Beam Piper's Paratime series omnibus. Tell'em SF Site sent you.)

As you know, both Star Trek and The X-Files are renewed for next season, with a Babylon 5 movie a sure thing and a new series about the Rangers a possibility. The new Star Trek will be titled Enterprise, and will be about a Kirk clone who boldly goes where no man has gone before. It is set in the time between First Contact and "The Cage." The X-Files will have not even cameos by Mulder, but Scully will be in every episode. I hope she has a good au pair.

This past month, the season finales of both Star Trek and The X-Files featured the death of a long running character (though not necessarily a major character) and the birth of a new baby. Both were very satisfying. If television were always this good, nobody would have a life.

Here are episode guides, capsule reviews, and ratings for the best SF and the best fantasy series on the air.

Episode Guides
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Star Trek: Voyager -- Episode Guide
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Ratings are based on a four star system.
One star means that the commercials are more entertaining than the program.
Two stars watch if you have nothing better to do.
Three stars is good solid entertainment.
Four stars means you never dreamed television could be this good.

Star Trek: Voyager

This was, by a wide margin, Star Trek: Voyager's finest season, due largely to the writing of Ken Biller and Robert Doherty, one or the other of whom worked on more than half the episodes. The excellent use of CGI was also a plus.

Unimatrix Zero (II) (**) story by Michael Sussman, teleplay by Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky
Borg dreamland wrecked by the Borg Queen.

Imperfection (**) story by Andre Bormanis, teleplay by Robert J. Doherty and Carleton Eastlake
Seven of Nine needs a chip transplant from Icheb to survive.

Drive (***) by Michael Taylor
The Delta Flyer enters a space race.

Repression (**) story by Andre Bormanis, teleplay by Robert J. Doherty and Carleton Eastlake
The Maquis return to their former loyalties.

Critical Care (***) story by Kenneth Biller and Robert J. Doherty, teleplay by James Kahn
The Doctor is kidnapped and forced to supply managed health care.

Inside Man (****) by Robert J. Doherty
The Barclay hologram proves to be an evil twin.

Body and Soul (***) story by Michael Taylor, teleplay by Eric Morris, Phyllis Strong, and Michael Sussman
The Doctor is forced to occupy Seven of Nine's body. Poor Doctor!

Nightingale (**) story by Robert Lederman and David Long, teleplay by Andre Bormanis
Ensign Kim becomes captain of an alien ship.

Flesh and Blood (I) (***) story by Bryan Fuller, Raf Green, and Jack Monaco, teleplay by Brian Fuller

Flesh and Blood (II) (***) story by Bryan Fuller and Raf Green, teleplay by Kenneth Biller and Raf Green
Civil rights for holograms? Not an easy question.

Shattered (****) story by Michael Sussman and Michael Taylor, teleplay by Michael Taylor
Voyager is split so that different decks are in different times.

Lineage (***) by James Kahn
Tom and B'Elanna reassess their relationship.

Repentance (***) story by Robert Doherty and Michael Sussman, teleplay by Robert Doherty
Captial punishment vs. the Prime Directive.

Prophecy (****) story by Kenneth Biller, J. Kelly Burke, Raf Green, and Larry Nemecek, teleplay by Phyllis Strong and Michael Sussman
Klingons in the Delta Quadrant!

The Void (***) story by Kenneth Biller and Raf Green, teleplay by Raf Green and James Kahn
Voyager, trapped in a void, reassesses the Prime Directive

Workforce (I) (***) by Kenneth Biller and Bryan Fuller

Workforce (II) (***) story by Kenneth Biller and Bryan Fuller, teleplay by Raf Green and James Kahn
The Voyager crew forced to become wage slaves.

Human Error (***) story by Kenneth Biller and Andre Bormanis, teleplay by Andre Bormanis and Brannon Braga
Seven of Nine decides to give emotions a try.

Q2 (****) story by Kenneth Biller, teleplay by Robert Doherty
Q, son of Q

Author, Author (****) story by Brannon Braga, teleplay by Phyllis Strong and Michael Sussman
The Doctor writes a holonovel that is controversial, to put it mildly.

Friendship One (***) by Michael Taylor and Bryan Fuller
The space probe was launched from Earth with the best of intentions.

Natural Law (***) by Kenneth Biller and James Kahn
Aborigines vs. Anthropologists

Homestead (***) by Raf Green
Nelix finds Telaxians.

Renaissance Man (***) by Andrew Shepard Price and Mike Gaberman
The Doctor disguises himself as several members of the crew.

Endgame (I) (****) / Endgame (II) (****) story by Brannon Braga, Kenneth Biller, and Rick Berman, teleplay by Kenneth Biller and Robert Doherty
Voyager returns home -- and that's just in the first two minutes.

Episode Guides
| The X-Files | Star Trek: Voyager |

Copyright © 2001 Rick Norwood

Rick Norwood is a mathematician and writer whose small press publishing house, Manuscript Press, has published books by Hal Clement, R.A. Lafferty, and Hal Foster. He is also the editor of Comics Revue Monthly, which publishes such classic comic strips as Flash Gordon, Sky Masters, Modesty Blaise, Tarzan, Odd Bodkins, Casey Ruggles, The Phantom, Gasoline Alley, Krazy Kat, Alley Oop, Little Orphan Annie, Barnaby, Buz Sawyer, and Steve Canyon.

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