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Directed by Andy Wilson
Written by Malcolm McKay (from the novels by Mervyn Peake)

Contest Plot Cast and Characters Mervyn Peake




Gormenghast 77 generations built the kingdom of Gormenghast...Will one kitchen boy bring it down?

Gormenghast has a heir -- Titus, 77th Earl of Groan -- whose birth is greeted with great and joyous ritual...and with great hope for the future of an ancient dynasty.

But revolution is not far away, and at its heart is Steerpike, the Machiavellian kitchen boy. Fuelled with desire and ambition, Steerpike drives Titus' father Lord Sepulchrave insane and seduces the beautiful Lady Fuchsia, Titus' neglected sister.

As Steerpike charms, outwits and terrorizes the castle's inhabitants, only Titus, the young and timid Earl of Groan, stands in his way. Who will triumph? And can Gormenghast itself survive?

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We had a give-away contest. To help promote it, we built pages about the plot, Mervyn Peake, the cast and the characters. Here are the correct answers to the questions. The winners will receive a DVD (Region 1) copy of Gormenghast, courtesy of BBC America Shop.

The answers to the questions are:
Who set fire to the library of Lord Groan? Clarice and Cora
Which actor knew Mervyn Peake? Christopher Lee
Where and when was Mervyn Peake born? He was born "near the Yangtse River in China's Kiang-Hsi Province during 1911."

Small Print:
In order to win a DVD copy of Gormenghast, you must send an email to stating the correct answers to the above questions. Please send only one email; duplicates will be ignored. Winners will be chosen from those with correct answers and notified by email. DVDs will be mailed out post-paid once all winners have been notified. A final list of winners will be posted.

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Contest Plot Cast and Characters Mervyn Peake

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