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Highlander 2
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
Written by Peter Bellwood (screenplay), Brian Clemens and William Panzer (story), based upon original characters by Gregory Widen
Highlander 2
Principal Cast
Sean Connery -- Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez
Virginia Madsen -- Louise Marcus
Christopher Lambert -- Connor MacLeod
Michael Ironside -- Gen. Katana
Allan Rich -- Allan Neyman
John C. McGinley -- David Blake
Phil Brock -- Cabbie
Rusty Schwimmer -- Drunk
Ed Trucco -- Jimmy
Stephen Grives -- Hamlet
Jimmy Murray -- Horatio
Pete Antico -- Corda
Peter Bucossi -- Reno
Peter Bromilow -- Joe
Jeff Altman -- Doctor
Diana Rossi -- Virginia
Karin Drexler -- Brenda
Max Berliner -- Charlie

It's 2024 and MacLeod and Ramirez are back to save planet Earth. Ozone depletion, time travel and corporate greed are at the core of all thrilling twists and turns in this stylish action sequel. The 2 disc special edition DVD features a newly re-mastered high definition video transfer, over 100 new and improved special effects produced by the film's original visual effects designer using the latest in digital technology, new Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES soundtrack as well as a slew of bonus features including an original documentary, four original featurettes, deleted scenes and an alternate ending.

The Highlander 2 DVD features:
Format: 16x9 Widescreen
DVD Running Time: 109 minutes
DVD Audio Status: Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES soundtrack DVD Special Features:
Disc 1: Newly remastered high definition transfer, enhanced and reimagined visual effects, branching feature that takes the viewer behind the scenes
Disc 2: Original featurettes: "The Redemption of Highlander 2," "The Music of Highlander 2," "The Fabric of Highlander 2," "Shadow & Darkness: the Cinematography of Highlander 2," Original Cannes Film Festival Promotional Reed, deleted scenes, alternate ending, original theatrical trailer.

Here are some multimedia excerpts:
Highlander 2 DVD Trailer -- Low
Highlander 2 DVD Trailer -- Medium
Highlander 2 DVD Trailer -- High
Stewart Copeland on Flying Skateboards
Stewart Copeland on Creating a Musical Envelope
Designing Stunt Costumes

For more information, visit the official Highlander site.

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Thanks to everyone who entered our Highlander 2 contest. All the DVDs (Region 1) have been won and the contest is now closed. A complete list of winners has been posted elsewhere or contact us at

For those interested, the answers to the questions are:
Who did the music for Highlander 2? Stewart Copeland
How many discs are in the special edition of Highlander 2? Two
How many Highlander TV series were there and what are their names? Three -- Highlander, Highlander: The Raven and Highlander: The Animated Series

Small Print:
In order to win a DVD copy (Region 1) of Highlander 2, you must send an email to stating the correct answers to the above questions. Please send only one email; duplicates will be ignored. Winners will be chosen from those with correct answers and notified by email. Books will be mailed out post-paid once all winners have been notified. A final list of winners will be posted on this web site.

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