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Highlander: The Series
Film: E.C. Monell (executive producer) and Russell Mulcahy (director)
TV Series: Christian Charret, Peter S. Davis, Marla Ginsburg, Denis Leroy, William N. Panzer (executive producers)

Contest Cast and Characters Episodes 5.01 - 5.09 Episodes 5.10 - 5.18

Cast and Characters
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
Highlander: The Series
ADRIAN PAUL ADRIAN PAUL portrays The Highlander Duncan MacLeod, a 400-year-old Immortal who is forced to face both friend and foe in a quest for survival.

Born and raised in London, Paul enjoyed studying Shakespeare and acting while in school, however, his focus growing up wa on sports, soccer in particular. After graduation, he traveled Europe, where he tried his hand at modeling, dancing and choreography for eight years before moving to the Us, first New York and then Los Angeles.

His acting break came on the ABC Television series "The Colby's" where he portrayed a Russian ballet dancer, Nickolai. Other TV roles soon followed such as Jeremiah Collins in the 1991 remake of "Dark Shadows" and series regular John Kincaid in "War of the Worlds." He also had guest appearances in "Murder, She Wrote," "Beauty and the Beast," and in TV-movies "The Owl," "Shooter," "In the Nick of Time," and "The Cover Girl Murders." His film credits include "Last Rites" with Tom Berenger, "Mask of the Red Death," "Love Potion Number Nine" with Sandra Bullock and "Dead Men Can't Dance" with Michael Biehn for Live Entertainment.

Paul will begin work on Highlander 4 in the fall.

In addition to his acting responsibilities on HIGHLANDER, Paul also directed four of the show's episodes - "Homeland" and "Methuselah's Gift" from Season 4 as well as "Revelation 6:8" (the 100th episode) and "Modern Prometheus" from Season 5.

To stay in shape and keep up with MacLeod's perilous lifestyle, Paul studies various methods of martial arts including Kung Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

ALEXANDRA VANDERNOOT ALEXANDRA VANDERNOOT stars as Tessa, Duncan MacLeod's live-in girlfriend of 12 years, who was tragically killed by a street punk.

Born in Belgium to a dancer-mother and symphony conductor-father, Vandernoot studied drama and earned her degree at the Conservatory in Brussels. After graduation, she started work immediately in the theatre. After appearing in a number of plays, Vandernoot decided to move to Paris where she continued her acting training.

Her acting break came in the form of an American film entitled, "Strangers", opposite Timothy Hutton. She then went on to appear in the syndicated series, "Counterstrike," before landing the role of Tessa in HIGHLANDER. After the conclusion of the first season, Vandernoot decided to leave HIGHLANDER to pursue a feature film career back home in Paris. And so the producers where forced to create the dramatic end to her character in the episode, "The Darkness," during the second season.

More recently, Vandernoot has appeared in a made-for-TV movie and started a family in Paris.

STAN KIRSCH STAN KIRSCH portrays Richie Ryan, a former street kid from the wrong side of the tracks who is constantly trying to learn how to adapt to life as an Immortal with help from his teacher and friend, Duncan MacLeod.

"Mm .. Mm .. good!" Those were the first words Kirsch uttered on camera in his acting debut at the age of four in a Campbell's Soup commercial. Followed by a brief modeling stint, the New York native took a self-imposed "hiatus" form show business. It would be nearly twenty years before he would return to his chosen profession. While attending Duke University as a political science major, Kirsch rediscovered his passion for acting. Fueled and inspired by a number of teachers, he studied theatre, appeared in and directed numerous plays and performed a season of summer stock at "Horn in the West" in Boone, NC.

Upon graduation, Kirsch returned to New York City to test the "acting" waters. Less than a year later, he was cast in a independent film entitled "Driven To You" which prompted his move to Los Angeles. Once in LA, he landed a role in the ABC-TV pilot "The Streets of Beverly Hills," opposite Brian Keith.

Kirsch had regular roles in such television shows as "General Hospital" and "Riders in the Sky" and guest starred is Courtney Cox's high-school boyfriend on "Friends" and "JAG". He also apppeared in "Home Song," a CBS-TV movie of the week.

Most recently, Kirsch has garnered roles in "The Sky's on Fire," an ABC-TV movie of the week as well as "Shark in a Bottle," an independent film also starring Ben Gazzarra and Danncy Nucci.

Kirsch stills resides in LA, forging ahead with his acting career and soon hopes to be producing and developing his own projects.

JIM BYRNES JIM BYRNES portrays Joe Dawson, a member of a secret organization known as The Watchers, who is assigned to record the life and history of Duncan MacLeod.

Brynes grew up in St. Louis where he learned to play the piano at age 5 and the blues guitar at age 13. He even studied for the priesthood and worked as a professional shepherd before trying his hand at acting. After a serious car accident in 1972, Byrnes moved to Vancouver where he worked at odd jobs and playing music. In 1981, he put together a band that later bacame a staple of the local music scene.

Known and admired by millions of viewers for his role in the CBS series "Wiseguy," Byrnes has guest-starred in various television series such as "The Commish," "The Hitchhiker," "Neon Rider," "Danger Bay," "The Hat Squad" and more recently "The Outer Limits." He as also appeared in TV-movies such as "Omen IV: The Awakening," "In the Best Interest of the Child," "Lightning Force," "Serving in Silence: The Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer Story" and "Dream Man." His film credits include "Whale Music" and "Suspicious Agenda."

In addition to acting, music continues to be a driving force for Byrnes, who is currently touring North America with his band. His CD "That River," which won Byrnes a Juno award for Best Blues/Gospel Recording, is a collection of songs he refers to as "a reflection of my respect for the blues, R&B, soul, jazz, all rolled into one" and even contains songs written while filming HIGHLANDER in Paris.

Brynes was also recently inducted into the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame.

ELIZABETH GRACEN ELIZABETH GRACEN portrays Amanda, a charming and devious 1,500-year-old Immortal who always seems to bring trouble to her friend and sometime lover, Duncan MacLeod.

Born Elizabeth Ward in Arkansas, the former Miss America (1982) changed her last name to Gracen when she discovered there was already an Elizabeth Ward in the Screen Actors Guild.

Gracen complements the cast of HIGHLANDER with an impressive film and television background. She made her professional feature film debut in "Three for the Road" with Charlie Sheen. Her film credits also include "Marked for Death" starring opposite Steven Segal, "Pass the Ammo" with Tim Curry and the thriller, "Lisa." She has also been featured on the small screen in TV-movies "83 Hours Till Dawn" with Peter Strauss and Robert Urich, "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", "Death of the Incredible Hulk" and Sidney Sheldon's "The Sands of Time" as well as guest spots on "Renegade," "Time Trax" and "Murder She Wrote." Most recently, she starred as a series regular in ABC's "Aspen Extreme."

PETER WINGFIELD PETER WINGFIELD stars as Methos, the 5,000-year-old Immortal who must often help MacLeod to accept the realities of their destiny.

Born in Cardiff Wales, Wingfield originally trained as a doctor before turning to acting. He made his television debut in Beeban Kidron's "Antonia and Jane" before going on to play lead roles in "Mediacs," "Soldier Soldier" and "The Men's Room." Those roles were followed by appearances in various BBC-TV productions including "Trust Me" opposite Alfred Molina, "Blisters," "Into the Fire," "Martin Chuzzlewit," "Nice Day at the Office" and "Murder in Mind."

His theatrical credits include a role in Noel Coward's "Point Valaine," "The Rules of the Game," "The Game of Love and Chance" and "Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty." Wingfield also made his feature film debut in 1993 "The Flemish Board."

More recently, Wingfield starred as Tom Kirby in ITV's "Noah's Ark" as well as appeared in a Hat Trick Television series pilot entitled "A Very Open Prison" for the BBC, and in the syndicated series, "Viper."

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Contest Cast and Characters Episodes 5.01 - 5.09 Episodes 5.10 - 5.18

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