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J. Michael Straczynski - Executive Producer/Writer/Creator

Contest Cast and Characters Episodes

1 and 2. The Long Road
Jeremiah lives in a post-apocalyptic world following "The Big Death," a mysterious but devastating plague which claimed the lives of billions of people -- everyone above the age of puberty.

The world, for this generation of lost children, was shattered forever when they were forced to bury their parents. Life has become a bleak and seemingly soulless attempt to stay alive - to plunder, forage or barter for food and clothes and to seek out the sordid and fleeting pleasures that briefly distract them from their lives of terror and savage desperation.

Fifteen years have gone by since the world "ended" -- literally for one generation, symbolically for Jeremiah's generation. Jeremiah (Luke Perry), is twenty-seven, cynical, cautious and intense. He is one of the few left with a conscience and with a sense of debt to his dead parents and the brother whom he unwittingly let die in the chaotic aftermath of the epidemic. He is grimly determined to find the location of the "Valhalla Sector" which his father spoke about shortly before he died. He is also determined to help those less fortunate than he, as a vindication for his brother's death.

Jeremiah writes ritualistic, poignant notes to his dead father, keeping him apprised of his progress. On his way to a town where he has heard there is a good information network, he meets Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), a loner who's accustomed to taking care of "number one" and who tries to steal Jeremiah's freshly-caught fish. Jeremiah takes pity on Kurdy and shares his meal, and although Kurdy disappears shortly afterward, the two are destined to hook up again.

As Jeremiah enters the town and approaches the free market, a scuffle breaks out. Armed bandits try to rob market vendors. There is gunfire from a building nearby, thugs are dispatched, and the true power of the town becomes apparent -- the self-styled leader Theo (Kim Hawthorne), a tough-as-nails woman who has trained a team of ferociously loyal jocks and nerds to keep order and to research technology. Jeremiah saves Theo's life from sniper fire and they have a meeting.

Later, in a bar, Jeremiah meets Simon (Daniel Gillies) and Matthew (Curtis Bechdholt), who witnessed his quick response to the sniper. Matthew speaks to Jeremiah about recruiting him for their "cause" and they agree to talk later. Jeremiah and Kurdy reconnect in the bar and resolve their differences.

Meanwhile, Theo's thugs have discovered a camouflaged Land Rover, belonging to Matthew and Simon. It's so unusual to have a vehicle, especially one with fuel, that Theo knows Matthew and Simon belong to some sort of organization. She has them captured and is prepared to torture them to find out the truth.

Theo discovers that Simon was speaking to Jeremiah in the bar, and has Jeremiah captured as well. Kurdy witnesses Jeremiah's abduction and, in a rare moment of unselfishness, follows and decides to help him escape. He creates a riot by spreading the rumor that Theo has been holding out on the town members by hoarding supplies. In the ensuing confusion Kurdy breaks into the school in Theo's compound and releases Simon and Jeremiah. Matthew has already been shot to death by Theo.

The three companions escape in the Land Rover, but Simon is fatally wounded in the process. As he is dying, he makes Jeremiah promise to return the Rover to "Thunder Mountain" and warn the leaders that the "Big Death" may be coming again.

Jeremiah and Kurdy find "Thunder Mountain," an underground government nuclear bomb shelter where 2000 people are living, unknown to the outside world. They are under the charismatic and idealistic leadership of Marcus Alexander (Peter Stebbings), who believes Jeremiah's story about Simon's and Matthew's death. Together they formulate and carry out a plan to foil a mass murder of minorities by "skinheads" twenty miles from the compound. An alliance is forged, and Jeremiah and Kurdy agree to continue to help find out more about whether the "Big Death" is in fact coming again, as well as ways to help make the world a better place.

Armed only with Simon's journal of networks/contacts and the Land Rover, Jeremiah and Kurdy head back to the outside world to help rebuild a new society on the ashes of the old.

3. Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass
In this episode, Jeremiah and Kurdy encounter Captain Iron -- a most unlikely hero -- while Erin reluctantly spies on Markus and uncovers a dangerous secret.

4. ...And the Ground, Sown with Salt
Jason Priestly, Perry's co-star from BEVERLY HILLS 90210, makes a special appearance as a self-proclaimed god on a mission of doom, warning all who will listen of an impending Armageddon.

5. To Sail Beyond the Stars
Jeremiah faces a deadly renegade group called the "Burners" while falling in love with Claire, a woman who dreams of sailing across the ocean. Meanwhile, Kurty befriends a pregnant woman and delivers her baby.

6. The Bag
Jeremiah and Kurdy encounter an imposter who attempts to pass himself off as a doctor. The doctor, played by Christian Campbell, gets entangled in his own web of deceit when he is called upon to deliver a child being born to a very sick woman. Meanwhile, someone is conducting deadly experiments on children in a reckless effort to find a vaccine for the Big Death.

7. City of Roses
A brutal assault on a young woman triggers memories for Jeremiah and Kurdy who then take separate paths: Jeremiah to find a mysterious vaccine and Kurdy to find his past.

8. Firewall
Jeremiah discovers and takes into custody a man in a bio-harzard suit who at middle age, obviously survived the Big Death. The man named Quantrell is from the mysterious Valhalla Sector and furthermore, knew Jeremiah's father. When a military team from Valhalla Sector approaches Thunder Mountain, Markus and Jeremiah go head-to-head over whether to free Quantrell or face the wrath of his military allies. Special guest star Michael Rooker (Tombstone, Cliffhanger, The Bone Collector).

9. The Red Kiss
Jeremiah and Kurdy attempt to save a community when its children begin disappearing amid a rumor that the blood of children can be used to prevent the return of The Big Death.

10. Journey's End in Lovers Meeting
Jeremiah and Kurdy befriend a group of people dedicated to nonviolence who are searching for what they call a New World. While the pair thwart the group's takeover by a band of ruthless and cunning thieves, it is ultimately the misguided group's own leadership that may lead to their undoing.

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Contest Cast and Characters Episodes

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