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The Last Sentinel
Jesse Johnson (writer/director)
Ted J. Pryor and Anthony V. Pugliese III (executive producers)

Plot and Cast
The Last Sentinel
The Last Sentinel
The Last Sentinel
The Last Sentinel
The Last Sentinel KATEE SACKHOFF (Battlestar Gallactica), BOKEEM WOODBINE (Ray), KEITH DAVID (Crash – 2005 Best Picture Oscar® winner) and DON WILSON (Batman Forever) star in this intense, brutal sci-fi action feature directed by Jesse Johnson (Pitfighter). In a future where war has become a way of life, those sworn to serve and protect are driving the population to extinction. Now humanity must unite to survive the final battle for mankind's very existence.

The last of the legendary 700th, the last of the warriors, our last hope... The Last Sentinel.

It's defences crippled, mankind has been slaughtered to the brink of extinction by the drone police. Tallis (Don Wilson) is the last of the last, after his unit was destroyed in the final terrible battle of the last great war. Living a life of survival, he is only ever one step ahead of the creation humankind hoped would bring peace on Earth, the Drone. When Tallis crosses paths with a young freedom fighter known only as "The Girl" (Katee Sackhoff) his world changes. Tallis finds his reason to fight again, but, this time he'll wage outright war!

Set against a back ground of mythic proportions, with a spectacular cast of characters, The Last Sentinel is the story of a hero of ancient principals, of a poet warrior of the classic type.

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Principal Cast

Don Wilson -- Tallis
Katee Sackhoff -- Girl
Bokeem Woodbine -- Anchilles
Keith David -- Colonel Norton
Peter Allas -- Angry Cop
Matthew R. Anderson -- MSGT Washington
Steven Bauer -- Drone Scientist
Joe Hess -- Operator #2
Maddy Howard -- Reporter
Erken Ialgashev -- Angry Gunman
Dawnn Lewis -- Angel - Tallis' Rifle (voice)
David Mattey -- Super Drone
Caryn Mower -- Drone Scientist #2
Philly -- Hound Dog
Boo Boo Stewart -- Young Tallis
Nils Allen Stewart -- Trinny
Jerry Trimble -- Last Human Cop
Austin Vaccaro -- Operator #1

The Last Sentinel
Don Wilson (Tallis)
The Last Sentinel
Don Wilson (Tallis) and Katee Sackhoff (Girl)

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