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The Ansible, an instantaneous, interplanetary communications device, was introduced by Ursula K. Le Guin in her early science fiction novels. David Langford has been producing the Hugo-winning sf newsletter Ansible since 1979, with news and gossip highlights appearing as Ansible Link in Interzone since August 1992. Back issues of the newsletter can be found on the Ansible web site.


SCIFI.COM are now posting stories each week on the site including an original one. They post every Wednesday. Ellen Datlow, former fiction editor of OMNI and EVENT HORIZON, and her colleagues have put together a nice site which features a whack of fiction.


TANGENT or more approriately, TANGENT, The Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Fiction Review Magazine claims to have, for the past 4 years, reviewed every original piece of short fiction in all of the US prozines, most of the semi-prozines, quite a number of small press offerings, and tons of original collections. We also now regularly review Interzone and several other UK and Irish sf/f magazines, as well as several from Canada and Australia.


HARDWIRED: The Online Magazine of Opinion, Science Fiction, and More Opinion. Edited by Gene Bostwick, this slim on-line journal is full of biting editorials, great recommended reading lists, and humor. So far it doesn't see very regular, but it shows promise.

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